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Brewing Tea Has Never Been so Enjoyable

* Steeps a perfect 24 ounces of tea for two
* Simple use, easy care and dishwasher-safe
* Available in six contemporary designs

Those who love tea, not only enjoy the taste of tea, but love the experience that comes with making, steeping and ultimately drinking their favorite blend. The PUGG Ceramic Teapot and Stainless Steel Tea Infuser is the foolproof brewing system that will become a lifetime companion to any tea lover.

The teapot itself will steep and hold 24 ounces of tea, enough for you to enjoy with a friend. It is made of a durable, gloss-glazed ceramic with hinged lid and is dishwasher-safe.

The included stainless-steel tea infuser has an improved design for brewing loose leaf tea perfectly (i.e. without mess) or the infuser can be removed to use with tea bags as well.

Tea Forte, the maker of this product, is an award-winning, global luxury tea company available in over 35 countries. It is presented at leading hotels, restaurants, prestige resorts and high-end retailers. Known as “The Exceptional Tea Experience’”for its variety and unparalleled quality of handcrafted teas, design-driven accessories, exquisite packaging and luxuriant approach, Tea Forte is the definitive cup of tea.

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