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The Magisso Teacup Brings a Modern Touch to High Tea

* Drink loose-leaf tea with the convenience of a teabag
* Allows for precise steeping control
* Sleek and modern design 

The Magisso Teacup may be the most convenient way to brew and drink tea at home that we’ve yet seen. This cleverly-designed combination infuser and drinking cup is easy to clean and serve in, and has the added benefit of allowing you super-precise control over brew and steeping time, letting you adjust the strength of your tea. The Magisso Teacup draws on traditional principles of tea design and pairs a functional teacup shape with clean, modern lines.

Available in a coral pink hue, this high-quality ceramic teacup and infuser makes tea time a more relaxing and refreshing part of the day than ever. The Magisso teacup also makes for an interesting piece of decor and pairs very well with modernist kitchenware and with similarly aesthetic carving sets, vases and decanters.

Its chip and stain-resistant BPA-free construction means the Magisso teacup can be washed easily and will retain its looks over many hundreds of pours. It feels balanced in the hand and allows for easy, graceful sipping, helping avoid spills. Plus, its robust construction means the Magisso teacup transfers little heat to its outside edge, making it comfortable to hold even when it contains a freshly brewed cup of tea.

Whether you’re an Earl Grey or Irish Breakfast aficionado or prefer a relaxing cup of herbal tea, an invigorating cup of green or even a Bakti Chai, the Magisso teacup is a refined and aesthetically pleasing addition to any tea-time experience. Its beautiful design complements a home tea set or breakfast nook and makes for a great first impression for tea guests as well.

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