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Experience the Perfect Tea Everytime With This Intelligent Infuser

* Determines optimal infusion recipe to bring out the best flavors in tea
* Companion app on smartphone helps track favorite teas
* Modern, sleek design won’t look out of place on counter

Fact: tea is the most popular beverage in the world after water. However, it doesn’t seem to get the same kind of attention as coffee does. Sure there are a few tea stores sprinkled around town and tea is offered at all our favorite coffee shops, but the fact is, unless you are a tea convert already, it usually takes a backseat to our beloved coffee.

This was the impetus behind the Teforia Tea Infuser. This product is the brainchild of a startup where the CEO went to visit a coffee shop that specialized in customizing each cup of coffee. When it came time to ordering tea, however, they simply took a bag, put it in a cup and filled it with hot water. The company cared so much about making the perfect cup of coffee but cared nothing about tea. So the CEO set about to create the perfect, customizable tea infuser you can master in your own home.

The Teforia Tea Infuser reveals the true flavor of your favorite teas, taking the loose leaves from ordinary to extraordinary. The Teforia makes the delicate, complicated process of infusion a simple, sensory experience. The product houses a Selective Infusion Profile System (Teforia SIPS) which determines the optimal infusion recipe to bring out the best flavor and complexity to produce tea like you have never tasted before.

To further enhance your tea experience, the Teforia comes equipped with wireless connectivity, which communicates with your smartphone and the free Teforia app. The app allows you to explore the story behind your favorite teas and adds your favorites to the “Tea Pantry.” It will allow you to make the most out of your brewing experience and reveal new flavors to add to your old favorites.

The Teforia includes a beautifully designed, double-walled carafe that is meant to live on your countertop and keeps your tea warm and ready for sharing. The infuser is easy-to-clean and the glass carafe and infusion globe are surrounded by high-impact, BPA-free plastic to withstand daily use.

A beautiful piece to add to your kitchen or office, the Teforia also makes a great wedding gift, shower or housewarming present.

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