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Mug Shots: The 10 Craziest Coffee Cups for Caffeine Fiends

* Give your cup of coffee or tea a shot of personality
* Features inspirational quotes, cheeky cats and sci-fi favorites
* Makes a great gift

It’s no surprise the world drinks an average of 2.25 billion cups of coffee a day​​, with 54% of Americans over 18 drinking coffee 7 days a week. It’s delicious, boasts countless health benefits, and nothing beats waking up to the aromatic smell of java. Whether you’re a

, an or a manual coffee maker, give your favorite cup of Joe a shot of personality with these 10 crazy (awesome) coffee cups.

1. The Original Prescription Mug

Made of high quality ceramic, this one-of-a-kind prescription “container” holds 12 ounces of the world’s best medicine – coffee! Makes a great gift for anyone who needs a caffeine fix, stat.


2. World’s Okayest Employee Mug

You might not always be on time or in love with your job, but at least your work gets done, right? This humorous coffee mug features the text “World’s Okayest Employee” for the average worker who is decent at their job and is proud of it. Perfect for office humor or as a playful gift for a co-worker who fits the bill.


3. I Do What I Want Mug

It’s no surprise this cheeky “I Do What I Want” coffee mug is one of Amazon’s #1 best-sellers. You’ll be able to drink coffee in peace thanks to this sassy yet adorable cat giving the middle paw.

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[caption id="attachment_64849" align="aligncenter" width="600"]I Do What I Want Cat Mug Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]


4. Coffee Keeps Me Going Mug

Wine is usually reserved for after work, so while you patiently wait for your 9-5 to end, indulge in delicious coffee with this mug that will remind you that wine time is but a cup of coffee away.


5. Back to the Future Heat Changing Mug by ThinkGeek

Great Scott, coffee lovers! Treat yourself to this epic Back to the Future Heat Changing Mug where the time circuit will appear when the mug is hot (and disappear when it’s cold).

Lazy loaded image
Image courtesy of ThinkGeek[/caption]


6. Star Trek Transporter Heat Changing Mug

Beam me up some coffee. Watch Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, Lieutenant Uhura and Dr. McCoy slowly disappear from the transporter pad on one side of the mug to the other once your favorite hot coffee hits the cup. An ideal gift for a coffee-loving Trekkie in your life.

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Image courtesy of ThinkGeek[/caption]


7. Astronaut Helmet 3D Mug

Suit up and enjoy your morning coffee in this out-of-this-world 3D Astronaut Helmet Mug. Shaped like the headgear that brave men and women have worn to protect their noggins during spacewalks, it will keep 20 ounces of liquid toasty warm for you to enjoy on this planet and possibly, even beyond.

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Image courtesy of ThinkGeek[/caption]


8. Changing Color Coffee Mug

There’s nothing worse than drinking a cup of cold coffee (unless it’s iced, of course). Thanks to InGwest and their innovative Changing Color Coffee Mug, their heat sensitive mug will tell you if your once piping hot coffee is now cold. If the mug is black and shows a sad face, then your drink has chilled out significantly; if the coffee mug turns blue and is smiling at you, that means the content is hot and ready to be enjoyed.


9. Kanye Believes in Kanye Mug

When the going gets tough, stay strong and motivated with this inspirational coffee mug that offers an important reminder: “I Believe in Myself Like Kanye Believes in Kanye.”


10. TARDIS Mug by ThinkGeek

For the Doctor Who fans, you’re in for a magical treat. This mug was made to hold large quantities of tasty coffee that’s styled to look like the eleventh Doctor’s TARDIS. Featuring a St. John Ambulance badge and white notice on the door, this is the mug all aspiring Time Lords will enjoy. It comes complete with a lid to keep your coffee (or tea) nice and toasty.

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Image courtesy of ThinkGeek[/caption]

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