Butter Better With This New Warming Knife

That! Inventions Spread That Serrated Warming
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* Innovative knife for easy butter curling and spreading
* Utilizes your body heat and conducting technology
* Requires no power source so it’s dishwasher and child safe

Everyone knows how easy it is to spread butter with a warm knife, but who keeps their knives hot? Well, you will soon. With the That! Warming Butter Knife, you don’t have to individually heat your knives — or heat your buetter. By incorporating advanced conducting technology and an easy-to-use design, this new invention means you never have to struggle with un-spreadable butter again.

What sets this butter knife apart is the ability to utilize your body heat through the built-in conducting technology to produce a warmer-than-average blade — ideal for slicing butter right out of the fridge.

That! Inventions Warming Butter Knife


The innovative symmetrical shape can be easily used by both right and left handed people and also features a serrated edge to aid in producing nicely sized butter curls.

You’ll find the knife is extremely easy to grip as it sports a micro-textured surface. This along with the warm blade produces a knife that gives your wrists a rest from futile chopping and hacking at an often too-hard or too-cold stick of butter.

The Warming Butter Knife uses only the heat generated from the palm of your hand and requires no additional electrical or battery sources. This allows the butter knife to be completely dishwasher safe and child friendly (as long as you can trust your kids with a knife).

It doesn’t just work on butter either — this knife is great for spreading jams, icing, cheese, spreads and Nutella. If you need it to, the warming knife can even cut through ice.

With a simple design, this award winning and innovative knife will ensure you never have to endure lumpy buttered bread again.

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