This Ice Ball Maker Promises No More Watered-Down Drinks

The Ice Ball Maker Promises No
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You spent good money on that fancy single-malt Scotch, so you’re not about to let it get watered down by basic square ice cubes, right? Damn straight. If you like your cocktails slightly chilled, then you know how annoying it can be to have to chug your drink before the ice melts. And if you don’t finish in time, then you’re left with a weak (at best) concoction that no longer tastes like anything even reminiscent of your original order.

The spherical ice ball maker merges science, design, and mixology to create a machine James Bond would be proud of. Because a sphere has the least amount of surface area of any ice shape, these perfectly circular ice balls ensure a perfectly-chilled drink with less dilution. How cool is that?

To use, simply place a large chunk of ice (or a cup full of ice cubes) into the solid, anodized aluminum and brushed stainless steel holder. Then, slowly lower the lid so it presses down on the ice and pushes it into the spherical base. The ice-making process takes only about 45 seconds from start to finish.

Whiskey and tequila connoisseurs will love the way their drink tastes, while their guests will be impressed by the speed of this on-demand service. 

At just over two-and-a-half inches wide, these frozen spheres are the perfect size to fit in most glasses. Whether you’re drinking whiskey in a low-ball or a cosmopolitan from a martini glass, the ice ball maker promises to keep your drink from melting away.

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