The SPY Guide to Tipping

Tipping Guide: Etiquette When Wondering 'How
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You lock eyes with the bartender and think she’s slipping you her number. But look again friend, because her fingers are twitching and she’s really asking for a tip. Think it through: a lousy tip and you’ll be waiting in line for a drink longer than Hamilton fans for a standby ticket. But tip her well and you may end up with her number after all…


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According to the Emily Post Institute, tipping is a proper way to show your appreciation for services. Here’s a handy guide to help you remember how much to tip for different occasions.


15% minimum (18-20% for outstanding service). Bartenders get at least $1 for a beer, 15% minimum on everything else.

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No tip (we can pump our own hand soap and no, we don’t want a breath mint)
But… $1-2 if they really helped you out (I.e. picked you up off the floor after your eighth whiskey ginger)


No tip necessary. Kick them a dollar or two if your order was a pain in the ass to put together (“Gluten-free, dairy-free, light on the sauce with half brown rice and half salad… dressing on the side”)
There’s a 10% minimum (and at least $2) for pizza.

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No tip necessary (you just paid like, five bucks for a small coffee)
But… it’s nice to throw in a buck or two every now and then, especially if you’re a regular. (You might just get your small coffee up-sized the next time you visit, or score a free cookie)

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$2 minimum. Never in quarters. Bills folded neatly.


$2 per bag or per luggage cart
$2 for room delivery (I.e. extra blanket, toothpaste, those little chocolate mints they leave on your pillow)
No tip needed for holding the door open for you; that’s just common courtesy. Gift Cards - E-mail Delivery

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15% minimum for the haircut. If someone different washed your hair, toss them a dollar or two – salons don’t always split the tip.

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For taxis, tip 10-15% if it was a smooth ride. Give them $0 if it felt like you were in “Gran Turismo.” Pay the fare, then plan for a quick exit.
For Uber, there’s no tip. That’s the whole point of using Uber.


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