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The Top-It Cake Shield is the COVID-19 Party Solution We All Need for Our New Normal

COVID-19 has changed many things about our world — including how we gather and celebrate special occasions. As the pandemic that has transformed 2020 and will continue demand changes to our behavior in order to stay safe well into next year continues to surge, we need to find ways to make regular things, like birthday parties, happen safely. Masks and social distancing are a huge part of this effort — as are inventive solutions like the Top It Cake Shield designed to make a sacred ritual of blowing out birthday candles safe once again.

That’s right, our world has become a place where we need a shield over a birthday cake. Go figure.

Regardless of how you feel about our new normal we are here, and we, thankfully, have tools to make it work like this cake shield.

The Top It is a doctor-invented cake shield designed to keep party-goers safe from the spread of germs while candles are being blown out. Did you know that blowing out candles can increase the spread of germs by 1400% – no thank you! Use this instead and celebrate safely.

Round Top It Cake Shield

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Courtesy of Top It

This translucent cake shield allows you to keep everyone healthy while still showing off your cake’s decorative design. Plus, the top is designed to fit a variety of candle shapes, sizes and numbers on top so you don’t have to sacrifice any candles no matter how old you’re turning.

The Top It comes in three different sizes — Rectangular, Round and Slide. Each designed for a different size cake. The Rectangular shield can fit up to 1/4 sheet cake, the Round 8-10″ cake, and the Slice is perfect for a single slice. Each of the shields is completely food safe, flame resistant and eco-friendly.