Put a Mug Warmer on Your Desk and Never Drink Lukewarm Coffee Again

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Unless you’re one of those strange people who doesn’t drink warm beverages throughout the day, the following scenario is likely familiar. You brew yourself a delicious cup of coffee or tea, sit down at your desk and turn back to your work as you wait for your steaming beverage to cool down a few degrees. You get busy and an hour later, you realize you’ve never taken a sip of your now lukewarm drink. 

If such scenes play out in your life all too often, it’s time to invest in a mug warmer. These devices work to keep your coffee or tea the ideal temperature all day long. That way, the two cups of coffee you probably drink every day don’t go to waste. 

We’ve put together the 10 best mug warmers available on Amazon. From smart cups to budget warming plates, you’ll find a wide range of these devices in the list below. Take a look through the list and never suffer a sip of lukewarm coffee or tea ever again.

1. Cosori Coffee Mug Warmer


Safe, reliable and well reviewed, the Cosori Coffee Mug Warmer has a lot of advantages, making it the best overall mug warmer on our list. The stainless steel device boasts an LED display for temperature control, and the ability to keep beverages between 77 and 158 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, the included mug has been designed with thermal conductivity in mind, meaning your coffee can be heated using a minimal amount of energy.

mug warmer cosori cup Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer


You’ve likely trusted at least one Mr. Coffee device with brewing your favorite beverage. Now, you can trust the same brand to keep your drinks warm throughout the day. The Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer offers a simple solution to lukewarm coffee. It boasts a long power cord and an indicator light to show when your beverage is hot.

mug warmer mr coffee Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Middons Coffee Warmer


Unlike competing brands, the Middons Coffee Warmer functions with a variety of mug types, including metal, glassware and ceramic. It’s also super simple to use. Plug it in and place your coffee cup on top. It will then heat the mug to a constant 131 degrees Fahrenheit. Remove your mug, and the heating pad will turn off.

mug warmer middons white Image courtesy of Amazon


4. VOOLTA Coffee Warmer


While most mug warmers can only heat mugs with flat bottoms, the VOOLTA Coffee Warmer has an innovative solution to this problem. It comes with a metal disc that transforms concave cups to flat ones, allowing the mug warmer to heat all types of drinkware. In addition to its use for coffee, this warmer can also be used as a candle warmer, helping your house to smell pleasant. And an automatic shutoff means the device can be used for an extended period of time without worry. 

mug warmer voolta concave Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Disney Mickey Mouse Mug Warmer


Why have a simple, monotone mug warmer on your desk when you could have a fun, novelty one? This Disney Mickey Mouse Mug Warmer adds a touch of magic to whatever space you place it in. Plus, it works wonders to keep your coffee warm at the same time. The included Mickey Mouse mug is pretty rad, too!

mug warmer disney mickey mouse Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Vobaga Coffee Mug Warmer


Different beverages need different temperatures for optimum taste. So, if you enjoy coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon, consider buying the Vobaga Coffee Mug Warmer as your new desk accessory. It has three temperature settings, namely 104, 131 and 149 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s also safe and durable with an automatic shut-off after four hours.

mug warmer vobaga Image courtesy of Amazon


7. BESTINNKITS Smart Coffee Warmer


The BESTINNKITS Smart Coffee Warmer makes both a useful and stylish desk accessory. With an all-black, simple design, the warmer is also very easy to use. When a mug is placed on it, the warmer turns on to a temperatures of 131 degrees Fahrenheit. Remove the mug, and the warmer shuts off in order to keep your office environment as safe as possible.

mug warmer bestinnkits smart Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Seffel Temperature Control Porcelain Mug


Your desk space is limited, so it’s always better to have desk accessories that can complete more than one task. The Seffel Temperature Control Porcelain Mug certainly fits that bill. Not only can this warmer and mug set keep your coffee at a constant 131 degrees Fahrenheit, the warmer can also act as a wireless smartphone charger. Try this mug warmer risk free thanks to the generous 30-day return policy.

mug warmer Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Zuckbergs Premium Warmer and Cooler Cup Desktop


If you share your cubicle with a coworker or you often enjoy tea and coffee at home with your partner, having a two cup warmer can be extremely useful. Not only does the Zuckbergs Premium Warmer and Cooler Cup Desktop have room for two beverages, it’s also able to both heat and cool your drinks (as the name implies). With its warming mode turned on, it can heat mugs to 131 degrees Fahrenheit, but when the cooling mode is on, it can cool drinks to 45 degrees Fahrenheit in as little as 30 minutes.

mug warmer two cups Image courtesy of Amazon


10. Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug


Certainly one of the most popular mug warmers on the market, the Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug keeps your beverages at the exact temperature you like best. The mug knows when warm liquid is added, automatically turning itself on and connecting to the app. Through your smartphone, you can then set your preferred temperature, and the app will notify you when your beverage has cooled to the right number of degrees. If it cools too much, place the mug on the warming tray to heat it back up again. The included app also has functionality for tracking your caffeine intake and saving your favorite drinks.

mug warmer ember cup Image courtesy of Amazon


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