This Sleek Tower Bottle Opener Will be the Talk of the Party

This Tower bottle opener by Yamazaki
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* Sleek, stylish bottle opener
* Black finish over steel makes for trendsetting design
* Designed to keep cap in place after opening

All bottle openers are created equal, right? They serve a simple, yet crucial function for any home entertaining setting. However, once you set your eyes on Yamazaki’s new, sleek Tower Bottle Opener, you will know this simply isn’t true. This bottle opener merges the functional with a trendsetting design, to catch anyone’s eye as it’s put to use during the party. 

tower bottle opener black

YAMAZAKI Tower Bottle Opener

This unique bottle opener incorporates straight lines with steel construction for a simple, clean look. Couple this with a smooth, black finish and design that helpfully keeps the bottle cap in place after opening, and you’ll be looking for any excuse to take this out during the party. Yes, a simple bottle opener can — and does — actually become a focal point of discussion during the party. 

With straight lines, simple construction and thoughtful functionality (the opener grips and holds the bottle cap after twist off), this bottle opener will stylishly replace older, less attractive models in your kitchen. When you’re done, hang the bottle opener from a hook or knob for easy access.

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