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These Wine Glasses Won’t Shatter and They’ll Keep Your Vino Chilled

* Made from stainless steel with a satin finish
* Capacity up to 18 ounces
* Dishwasher-safe

In recent years the wine industry has made great strides to make it easy for those with a penchant for fermented grapes to be able to enjoy it just about anywhere. Boxed wines have been a staple for decades, sure, but have you paid much attention to the area near the registers lately? Now there are single serve sippy cups, cartons of various sizes and even canteens specifically made to tote your vino around.

But what if you want to pull over for a bit and enjoy that bottle of rosé you just picked up while the sun is setting? RSVP may just have the thing for you then. Check out their stainless steel Endurance Stemless Wine Glasses.

Not only are these wine glasses made from stainless steel, but they’re also dishwasher safe. Keep them at home, in your beach bag or amongst your camping gear. With a brushed satin finish exterior and mirrored interior finish, these stemless gems will look fantastic no matter where and when you decide to break them out.

The Endurance aren’t just for wine either. No matter what you’re drinking, be it wine, juice, or ever water, RSVP says the Endurance cups will keep your beverages chilled longer than glass or crystal. And that’s great news for this time of year.

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