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Juice Junkies Rejoice: Keep It Fresh With a SANS Travel Juice Bottle

* 16 oz. glass bottle with grippy protective silicone sleeve
* Vacuum pump removes air to preserve juices and smoothies
* Leak-proof and BPA free

Consuming a fresh juice or smoothie is usually best done right after it’s made, but with our busy schedules, it’s often hard to finish a freshly-blended drink before it goes bad. Created by avid juice and smoothie drinkers, the SANS juice and smoothie preserving bottle solves the problem.

At first glance, SANS looks like your typical reusable water bottle. But take a closer look, and you’ll find a special vacuum pump lid that sets it apart from other bottles. This mechanism removes air, drastically slowing the killjoy of pre-made fresh juices and smoothies — oxidation.

Like a skinless apple going brown, the longer that blended fruits and vegetables are in contact with air, the faster they lose nutrients and ultimately go bad. With a few presses of the vacuum pump, SANS lets you keep those drinks fresh, so you can enjoy them on your own time, without the rush to finish right away.

A leak-proof seal and BPA-free materials are also part of the package, so there’s no negating the healthful effects of the vitamin-packed, plant-based beverage its meant to contain, either. You can also use this bottle for protein shakes, carbonated beverages and even red wine.

Imagine heading out for a long hike — or long day — knowing you can refuel and refresh how you want to. Because that’s the freedom the innovative new SANS wants you to have. Now you can make your juice and drink it too. The SANS bottle will keep your smoothies fresher for longer, giving you more reason to drink up.