Explore the Art of Brewing With One Press, Drip and Immersion Coffee System

trinity specialty coffee press
Image Courtesy Amazon
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* Three ways to brew coffee: press, drip and immersion
* Stylish, stainless steel and black walnut timber construction
* Double-walled, insulated brewing chamber

The new coffee revolution has been upon us for quite some time now. What is this revolution? Gone are the days of walking into that coffee joint on the end of every street corner and buying a cup that surprisingly tastes the same as every other cup of coffee.  

Instead, true aficionados are looking for specially sourced coffee beans, proper filters and just the right sort of coffee mug. What completes the package? The perfect brewing system to enjoy that cup — not on the run, but in the comfort of one’s home.

trinity coffee Image courtesy of Amazon

Trinity One 3-In-1 Specialty Coffee Maker

The Trinity One 3-in-1 coffee system is a press, drip and immersion system made of stainless steel and walnut timber. The specially crafted brewing chamber is made of double-walled glass so you can watch the beauty of your craft as it steeps and slowly drips into that coffee cup.

The Trinity One system provides three different ways to enjoy your coffee: press, drip and immersion.

With the press mechanism, you can brew a cup in no time for a quick wake up in the morning. However, when you have some more time, the drip and immersion methods will be true gifts to all coffee lovers. Of special value will be the glass brewing chamber that will allow you to watch your art take shape as it brews.

The Trinity One also includes a filter head that can be used to control the flow of water as you brew your cup. This is especially important as various grinds of coffee each take a particular flow of water to brew properly.

The drip mechanism can also be used to fill two cups at once, so brewing can be done for you and a loved one to enjoy together.

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