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You’re Not Drunk, These Wine Glasses Are Meant to Look Like They’re Tipping

* Set of two wine glasses with a quirky tilted design
* A great conversation piece for parties and get togethers
* Great gift for pranksters

If you’re looking for a great way to get the conversation flowing, look no further than these seemingly inebriated wine glasses. From afar they may look perfectly normal, but upon closer inspection, your guests will notice that these glasses bend at the stem, creating a visual anomaly for all to enjoy.

Included in the set are two wine glasses. Each can hold up to 13 oz; however, if you wish to set the glass down, the recommended capacity is no more than 5 oz. Otherwise, you risk having the full glass of wine really tip over.

This glassware set is a great way to play a practical joke. Offer up a normal glass of wine before secretly switching it out for a bent version as they near the finish, leaving them perplexed as to how such a thing could have happened. Alternatively, just add them in and say nothing, leaving your guests full of questions.

As a final note, this quirky set of glasses makes a great gift for a wine lover or even just a family member or friend who loves to play pranks. Know a classy oenophile with a sense of humor? Get this for them too.

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