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Coffee to Go: The Nomad Is an Espresso Machine You Can Take Anywhere

* Compact design makes it great for travel
* Modeled on classic hand-operated machines
* No batteries or electricity required

Whether you’re a classy camper or you’re just too bougie to drink the office coffee, your mind is about to be blown. Inspired by classic hand-operated lever machines, UniTerra’s Nomad Espresso Machine lets you brew a shot wherever you go, without the need for electricity, batteries or gas propellants.

While the Nomad’s compact design makes it great to keep at home — where counterspace may be too limited to accommodate cumbersome traditional machines — you’ll find that it’s even better to stash at your work station for mornings when office brew won’t cut it and there’s no time for a Starbucks run.

Not only is the Nomad small, portable and easy to operate, but it also brews top quality drinks regardless of which coffee you use. Un-evenely ground beans and store-bought drip coffee beans make a great shot of espresso thanks to its unique design.

A small lever operates two small piston water pumps, building enough pressure to brew a shot in just a few pumps. A pressure gauge lets you adjust pumping speed so that you get the brewing optimal pressure. Finally, the true crema valve makes up for inconsistent grounds and tamping variations so that you get a perfect shot every time.

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