Happy Vegan Valentines For Chocolate Lovers

vegan chocolate gift box
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* Four bars of vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO chocolate
* Delectable flavors like “pecans and cherries” and “coconut and sea salt”
* Rainforest Alliance-certified cocoa

Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for vegans isn’t as hard as you think. Instead of opting for cheap, faux-leather looks or going down the “hippy chic” route, keep it classy and conscious with this Gourmet Chocolate Truffle Bar Gift Set from Seattle Chocolates.

The gift box comes with four 2.5 ounce bars of delicious chocolate, including the Dark Chocolate Truffle Bar with Praline Pecans and Cherries, Dark Chocolate Truffle Bar with Cherries and Strawberries, Pike Place Espresso Dark Chocolate Truffle Bar with Espresso Infusion, and a Coconut Macaroon Dark Chocolate Truffle Bar with Coconut and Sea Salt. The chocolate is all natural, vegan, gluten free, non-GMO and certified kosher. And it tastes amazing.

In addition to using vegan ingredients, Seattle Chocolates sources Rainforest Alliance-certified cocoa. It also uses only coconut oil (no palm kernel oil, which is the largest cause of deforestation in rainforest regions).

vegan chocolate gift box

Each bar is individually wrapped in posh printed paper. The eco-conscious theme continues into the gift box, which is simple and neat and uses recyclable materials. You can feel good about giving a gift that your friends will enjoy, without creating stress on the environment.

Founded in 1991, Seattle Chocolates is a family-owned company that uses honest ingredients to create premium products. Known for their unique flavors and commitment to quality, there’s no better chocolatier to shop from this Valentine’s Day season.

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