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Coast Through The Summer With These Concrete Coasters

* Water absorbent; they protect your furniture
* Made from concrete and non-toxic recycled materials
* Available in five different designs

As air temperatures start to climb, drink temperatures start to drop, but all that condensation can wreak havoc on your furniture. Kalkid MollaSpace has developed new coasters that are water absorbent, taking in any extra water and preventing it from reaching the surface below. The coasters are made of concrete and non-toxic recycled materials, minimizing their environmental impact. They come in five 3D designs for your to choose from: dry land, spiral shell, princess shell, empty bottle and footprint.

Their square shape and 3D design sets them apart from most typical coaster designs. Furthermore, the gentle foam backing they’re made with won’t scratch the surface of the table, while the concrete won’t get frustratingly attached to your drink after the ice begins to melt.

They also make the ideal house warming gift, for that friend who’s just moved in and doesn’t want to damage the new furniture. The soft gray colorway will blend in easily with any type of home decor.

The coasters measure just under 4″ across and under, and weight 8 oz., making them easy enough to pass around, but study enough to hold their place on the table.

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