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Bit Off More Than You Could Chew? Store Food in the Freezer For Years With a Vacuum Sealer

Buying a little more from the store each time than you normally would? Do you suddenly have a bunch of canned vegetables and meats in your freezer that you’re not totally sure what to do with? Same.

We’re all a little freaked out right now and want to make sure our hangry tendencies don’t get the best of us, and we’ve got plenty of food in the house. While we don’t endorse hoarding, we do understand that everyone is buying a little more from the grocery store than they normally would to cut down on trips. That being said, if you’ve bit off a little more than you can chew and need to store a few things without worrying they’ll go bad, vacuum sealing is the way to go.

The best meat freezers will keep food fresh for a while, but after a few months? That steak, chicken and shrimp can only last so long before the flavor starts to go and you don’t want to chance food poisoning at a time like this.

Invest in a vacuum sealer instead. It’s a little pricey, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Plus, it will pay for itself in wasted food after a few years.

Weston’s stainless steel vacuum sealer is professional-grade with 935 watts of power and high-quality construction that will last.

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It’s super easy to use and starts at the press of a button, sealing through moisture and finishing off your prized catch or frozen veggies with a double-piston pump that’ll get all the air out in one try.

The 5mm seal bar creates a strong, dependable seal each time and it’s even got a manual seal mode that puts the power and control in your hands for softer more delicate foods.

It fits a variety of bag sizes with an extra-long, 15-inch seal bar and is compatible with both Food Saver and Ziploc bags.

It’s also designed for continuous use, so if you’re batching your freezer collection you don’t need to worry about it giving out on you. It’s got a fan-cooled motor that will regulate itself so you can focus on preserving and saving.