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A Whiskey Glass That’s Neat and Elegant, Just Like Your Drink

* Diamond-cut glass tumblers
* Elegant European design makes for perfect fit in hand
* With beautiful packaging, great gift idea for loved ones

Nothing complements the elegance of your whiskey or scotch like a beautiful glass to drink from. The beautiful, European design of this diamond-cut whiskey glass from Ashcroft is something to behold. Whether you like your drink neat or on the rocks, these tumblers will show off your drink with a sophistication that is unsurpassed.

These whiskey glasses come in a set of two with a sophisticated design that goes beyond the surface. Each glass holds a luxurious 8 oz. of spirit, and they are carefully balanced to fit just right in the palm of your hand. With so much room in the tumbler, one can easily add a whiskey stone and not worry about spilling a drop. 

The elegant design also makes these whiskey glasses very versatile. Use them for whiskey, scotch or pour yourself an Old-Fashioned. These tumblers will do the trick and leave a great impression on guests. The solid base, firm rim and weighty design add to their heft.

Beauty and sophistication such as these whiskey glasses are meant to be shared, and Ashcroft has done a great service by presenting these glasses in a beautiful box set. These glasses make the perfect gift for friends and loved ones who enjoy an elegant night cap from time to time.

Take a look at these whiskey glasses by Ashcroft to keep your drinks neat and elegant.

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