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Have Your Whiskey On the Rocks — Literally

* Keeps your drink cool without watering it down
* Preserves subtle flavors
* Solid granite, so stays cool longer

If you love your drinks on the rocks but hate the watery and diluted feeling of a drink that’s been left on the rocks just a tad too long, these drinking rocks are just what the bartender ordered. They also make a nice gift for someone who appreciates the subtle flavors of chilled, yet undiluted whiskey, rye, bourbon or Scotch.

Marketed primarily as an accessory to top shelf liquors and cocktails, the drinking rocks are also not to be underestimated for the benefits they can have on iced coffee drinks, sangria and iced tea.

If when summer rolls around you tend to start drinking your lattes or mochas iced or if you love cold brew coffee drinks, the drinking rocks let you cool down your caffeine-fix without giving you the inevitable watery consistency of an iced coffee chilled with regular old H2O ice cubes.

The drinking rocks go well with white wine, too. For a subtle cooling effect, great if you like your whiskey neat, store the drinking stones in the fridge, then add to a room temperature beverage and on a hot day they’ll cool the drink by around 10 degrees F, just enough to add a refreshing feel.

Made of solid granite, the drinking rocks won’t dilute the flavors of your drink and will stay chilled far longer than the more common, porous soapstone drinking stones on the market. Thanks to their high density, the drinking rocks stay at the bottom of your glass and won’t interfere with your sipping. They are also very easy to wash and reuse thanks to the smooth stone of their surfaces.

Avid whiskey drinkers will appreciate the craft that goes into these Whiskey Stones, and they the set makes a great gift for any connoisseur. With summer on its way, these little granite cubes give a much more literal meaning to the phrase “on the rocks,” and  are definitely worth a look.

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