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Here’s Why You Need A Wine Condom For Your Next Dinner Party

* Trade in your wine stopper for a wine condom
* It seals tightly over the lid, preventing spills and keeping wine fresh
* They also make great gag gifts for friends and wine enthusiasts

Whether it’s Wine Wednesday, Bunko night with your girlfriends, or a wild bachelor party, a great bottle of wine is always a necessity to have on hand. To keep your wine fresh, you probably plug a wine stopper in (if you don’t finish the bottle), or just plug the cork back in, but why keep it basic when you can add a little humor to the art of keeping wine fresh? Celebrities like Mila Kunis, Madonna and Ruby Rose are raving about the “wine condom.” It’s essentially a plastic cover that fits snugly over the rim of any wine bottle to help keep your wine from going bad.

One box comes with a pack of six, each individually wrapped in gold foil – inspired by the original type of condom of course. They make hilarious gag gifts, for bachelorette or bachelor parties, or for the wine enthusiast in your life that enjoys some PG-13 humor from time to time. The wine condoms also seal so securely that it makes bottle easy to transport and travel with, without worrying about leaks. Plus, if you’re bringing a wine bottle with you to an event, easily slip a wine condom in your pocket so you’ll be ready in case of the (unlikely) event your don’t finish the bottle.