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The Best Wine Cooler for Small Kitchens: The Magic Chef 6-Bottle Cooler

* Adjustable temperature settings
* Thermoelectric cooling
* Black aluminum exterior with sleek chrome shelves

Keep your favorite wines nice and chill for whenever the moment strikes to crack open a bottle. We all want to be prepared for when a friend comes over, an moment of celebration, or simply to just relax and wind down after a long day. Specialty wine coolers come with a hefty price tag. Some take up an entire wall space, and others are just the size of a drawer. Finding a wine cooler that matches your bubbly enthusiasm level is tricky.

Fortunately, we spotted the Magic Chef 6-bottle Wine Cooler. At only 15-inches tall, it fits six full-sized bottles of wine without taking over your counter space, while its temperature control features allow you to keep your wines from aging too quickly, but not so they freeze.

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The wine cooler is built with sculpted chrome shelves with a black aluminum exterior. It’s perfectly portable and designed to fit into small kitchens, corners and spaces. From Magic Chef, an American appliance brand, this product is backed by the company’s reputation for reliable, durable and sophisticated kitchen appliances.

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