Your Search for The Most Artful Wine Decanter Ends Here

wine decanter riedel glass boa
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* Stunning merger of delicate artistry with purposeful engineering
* Mouth blown in exquisite Austrian lead crystal
* From a true glass dynasty, makers of hand-blown glassware since 1756

If you’re an oenophile (like us), then you don’t want to decant your exclusive vintages in just any vessel. You want your decanter to make a statement. Your search ends here: Riedel’s snake-inspired Boa Decanter in mouth-blown lead crystal is the most artful (and wild) decanter we’ve ever seen.

Why we love it: the Boa Decanter is a stunning merger of delicate artistry with purposeful engineering. Crafted of mouth-blown lead Austrian crystal in a sinuous shape, it is an eye-catching piece we can’t stop marveling over, even unfilled.

Those very curves that we admire are the secret to this decanter’s functionality. The serpentine form double-decants the wine, allowing two opportunities for sediment from old wines to filter down before pouring into glasses. Aromas and flavors are released, so you can truly savor your favorite bottle. Bonus: the spout is drip-resistant with a wide opening so you can easily transfer the wine from the bottle to the decanter.

About Riedel Glass: The Riedel glass dynasty is built on the creative energies of over 25 generations of glassblowers. Since 1756 in Bohemia, their legacy continues through the present day, with a worldwide span of customers and an unassailable reputation for top-flight glassware.

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