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Even the Toughest Corks Don’t Stand a Chance Against This Wine Opener

* Automatic wine opener that removes any cork at the push of a button
* Slim, black design blends into most kitchen counters
* Cordless operation can open 150 bottles on one set of batteries

Tonight when you reach for your favorite bottle of Pinot Noir or Chardonnay, imagine how nice it would be to open your bottle without having to exert all of your energy pulling on the cork. What if you could open your bottle with just the push of a button?

The Brookstone Automatic Electric Wine Opener allows you to pop open a bottle of wine without the hassle of a conventional corkscrew or dreaded corkage disasters. With this fool-proof appliance, all you need to do is center the opener over the cork, press the button, and wait. The mechanism will automatically remove the cork from the bottle. Simply reverse the action to retrieve the cork. This user-friendly kitchen appliance is powerful enough to remove both synthetic and natural corks.

Besides being easy to operate, this wine opener is also cordless. It operates on four AA batteries that can open up to 150 bottles before needing to be changed. While the device is larger than your traditional corkscrew, it blends in seamlessly to most modern kitchens. The black color and sleek design look sophisticated on any counter or bar cart.

It’s also important to note that this automatic corkscrew comes with a built-in foil cutter on the stand. Remove the foil yourself for the perfect pour or just allow the corkscrew to cut right through it using its powerful torque.

A great product for anyone who understands the struggle of opening a wine bottle, this electric wine opener would also make a thoughtful Mother’s Day or wedding gift.