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Gifts For Her: 5 Wine Accessories for the Wannabe Sommelier

* Clever gifts for the wannabe sommelier—or someone who just loves to drink
* Wine accessories to level up her drinking game 
* Vino-obsessed ladies need these glasses and wine chillers

Gifting is a form of creativity and acute observation. There is nothing better than seeing someone’s face light up after they peel back the wrapping paper on your gift and are genuinely excited for the item you chose for them. For the mom, sister, or partner in your life who loved their nightly glass of wine, you know how important it is that they have the proper accessories to fully enjoy their libation. And wine can quickly become an elevated drinking experience by having the proper drinkware, sophisticated ways to aerate and open up the flavor of the wines, and of course, the proper tool to keep Champagne and Prosecco chilled at the perfect temperature. For wine connoisseurs and those wannabe sommeliers, we have rounded up a collection of high-end gifts that span the gamut from copper wine glasses to stainless steel wine openers and aerators as well as a wine subscription service for a gift that keeps on giving to the lovely lady in your life.

1. Wine Opener and Aerator

We have all seen someone struggle while opening a wine bottle before by over-twisting the cork and pushing it too far in, just to watch it fall apart in the precious beverage. It is painful and you can ruin the classy moment all too easily. This stainless steel electric opener is a fool-proof way to open the next bottle of red or white and it looks beautiful displayed on the table as well. This all-inclusive design comes with a foil cutter for a clean and simple way to remove the foil on the top of each bottle as well as a wine aerator to ensure the liquid has opened up and released all of its rich complexities.

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2. Vinebox Limited Edition Wine Collection

This really is the winning gift for the wine-obsessed lady in your life. This subscription plan from Vinebox delivers wine each month in a beautiful package that will excite any wine drinker and stylish woman who knows high-design. The Current Edition is a selection of nine wines, including five red, three white and one rosé, that are all displayed in pre-portioned tubes that equate to one glass of wine, so, you can have a wine tasting in the comfort of your own home. From a lighter expression of Malbec to the Côt from Southwest France, there are characteristic wines for a variety of drinkers. The subscription plan starts at $72 making it a high-end gift for someone who takes their wine seriously, and hopefully, you will get invited over for the next tasting.

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3. Stemless Copper Wine Glasses

Glassware is key for a sophisticated evening of drinking at home. These ultra-classy and feminine copper wine glasses are sexy with a modern feel because of the stemless design and geometric copper-dipped sides. This set of four glasses is a lovely gift to charm the woman in your life who you can’t decide what to get for their next birthday and is an easy choice for someone who loves to indulge in a glass of wine alongside friends.

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4. Elegant Wine Carafe

Every wine drinker knows that you need a way to properly aerate and open the richness of red wine before drinking. This u-shaped carafe is an elegant design that was hand-blown for a higher quality feel than other decanters. To use, you simply pour the wine in the larger opening then pour the wine out into each glass from the smaller and more narrow opening on the opposite side, for a full-bodied red wine that can be savored in all of its glory.

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5. Copper Wine Bottle Chiller

For Champagne and white wine drinkers, this copper cooler container is ideal for those who know the importance of enjoying a properly served glass of blanco vino. This double-walled design chills wine and keeps it cold while you take your time enjoying the bottle of wine even on the hottest of summer days. It makes for an easy yet absolutely necessary gift for the wine drinker who likes to indulge in spring picnics and refuses to settle for a warm glass of wine.

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