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This $13 Wine Opener Is The Easiest Way We’ve Found To Open a Bottle

* Become a wine opening wiz with this Wine Ziz
* Simple pneumatic wine opener
* Avoid breakage or corking your wine with less stress on the cork

Modern technology has indeed made many things easier: what once would have been a grueling, month-long journey by wagon, fording streams like in the old computer game, “Oregon Trail,” can now be a matter of a day spent in an air conditioned Subaru while enjoying your favorite podcast. It used to be a big challenge to get a good batch of wine, and nowadays anyone with a few dollars can get decent bottle at Trader Joe’s or even online. So why hasn’t technology done something about the opening of wine bottles?

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Turns out it has. With this ingenious, simple pneumatic wine opener, the days of bottle opening anxiety can be at last put behind you, even without taking the time to learn professional-level sommelier skills. No more fear of breaking up the cork or elbowing someone in the face. This “Wine Ziz” uses simple air pressure to remove the cork: think of it like a bicycle pump in reverse. To use, you just pump it a few times and it creates just enough of a vacuum to gently draw the cork out of the bottle without breaking it. The Wine Ziz includes a little blade to cut the foil, too. Just gently turn it around the foil and watch it slide off easily – no more tearing and ripping.

Suitable for all types of bottles (even pressurized ones), the “Wine Ziz” helps to eliminate any broken corks, which wine lovers know can “cork” and ruin your vino experience.

At just seven ounces and about the same size as a barbecue lighter, this is an easy gadget to add to your kitchen drawers. With more than 1000 reviews online, this wine opener is also a best-seller on Amazon.