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An Innovative Cutting Board For Easier Kitchen Clean-Up

* Cutting board with grooves and a drawer for catching unwanted crumbs below
* Made from highly-durable bamboo
* Ideal for slicing bread but can also be used for any type of chopping

A chore, or something to be savored – however you think about cooking, there’s no need to do more work than necessary. Cut down on clean up time by investing in this bamboo cutting board that takes the mess out of dicing and slicing.

This cutting board from Deglon has been designed with several grooves placed running up and down the board. Underneath the cutting surface is a small drawer so that any extra juices or bread crumbs that otherwise sit along the surface of a traditional board will fall into the drawer through the grooves. When you are finished cutting, all you need to do is pull the drawer out and throw the remnants into the garbage.

The Deglon cutting board is made from sturdy bamboo. The highly-durable material can stand up against cooks with the strongest knife skills.

Most importantly, the bamboo cutting board is practical and easy to use. There are no fancy levers or buttons for operations, and its sleek and simple design means every cook can chop without making a mess.

If you’re a messy cook or someone who hates cleaning up after a day in the kitchen, consider the Deglon bamboo cutting board. Its innovative, grooved design is sure to make your chef life a whole lot easier.

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