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Take Control and Organize Your Refrigerator with the Zip n Store

Half the fun of cooking is making enough to have leftovers to keep for later, providing the chance to experience your delicious concoction again and again. It’s easy, however, to just put that remaining food in a ziplock bag and then toss in a random spot inside your fridge. Once there, it’s often forgotten about or requires digging around to find it after the fact. Regardless, it’s not the most efficient method of keeping track of what’s what. Also, it’s all too easy to squish the contents of your ziplock when space becomes limited. 

Better organization methods save time by helping you quickly see what’s on hand, which keeps you moving and on your way—which is why the Zip n Store is such a great find. The Zip n Store is essentially an extendable pull rack with slots that can hold up to 12 different Ziploc bags. It basically brings grocery store functionally to your fridge, allowing you to dangle different and frequently used items in a row for easy accessibility. With fast installation—you just slot it into the bottom of a shelf with the adhesive strips—you’re ready to roll in a matter of minutes.

While you’ll get the most functionality out of Zip n Store by placing it in the fridge, you can also place it in a cabinet to use for a pre-portioned snack for the kids. Dry foods require organization just as much as cold foods do, after all. And if you’re one to pre-pack snacks for yourself or your little ones, the Zip n Store makes for an easy way to grab just the right amount of snacks on the way to school. Further still, random nuts and bolts in the garage or pocket squares in your wardrobe can benefit from the efficiency boost the Zip n Store provides. Regardless of where you place it, you’ll be able to get to what you want and need in the blink of an eye.

The Zip n Store is one of those kitchen hacks you never knew you needed. It allows you to save on space while providing quick access to your stuff inside and outside of the kitchen. Sounds like a no-brainer option to us. 

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