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Amazon is Selling Tahoma 31, the Super Bowl Grass and Next Big Thing in Lawncare

We are now in a post-Super Bowl 2023 world, and if you’re not reeling from the Rihanna performance or the whole football thing, then maybe you’ll be taken off-guard by the grass that was being used. Tahoma 31 was a hidden star of the event because it was somewhat slippery, but it’s actually a very impressive type of grass.

Grass might not be the most enticing prospect for everyone, but for those with big lawns, caring about greenery goes from being a luxury to a necessity. So, we’re going to quickly talk about this special type of grass, and why you might want to grab some for your home.

Tahoma 31 Could Be The Next Big Grass

This Bermuda grass variant was actually developed at Oklahoma state university, and it’s just full of properties that are worth having in nearly any lawn. One of its strongest features is how sturdy it is, because it can survive in a wide range of climate conditions, and doesn’t suffer too much with the big fluctuations many of us are seeing at home.

Tahoma 31 is also ranked in the lowest group for something called Evapotranspiration, which is basically how much water it requires. In essence, it does a lot better on little water, which means it’s great even if your state is going through a bit of a drought. It also does better even in shade, and is wear-tolerant, freeze-tolerant, and actually rates as the best possible grass for high-traffic areas.

Not only that, but it grows a lot slower, thatches less, requires less effort to keep healthy, and costs less in the long-run thanks to all of these features. It’s basically just a very good grass for a lot of things, and it looks lovely thanks to its dark-green color and fine-leaf style. If you combine it with one of the best electric lawn mowers, you’re sure to save yourself a pretty penny going forward.