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SPY Guide: 5 Last Minute Deals to Travel the World for 20% Off

It’s already June, but there’s still hope for summer trip-planning procrastinators. In fact, there’s a chance to be rewarded for your procrastination with these five last-minute deals from Intrepid Travel.

Intrepid offers exclusive, comprehensive small group adventures lead by a local, which means you get to meet other travelers and experience multiple locations rather than just see one city on a generic bus or audio tour. Book your once-in-a-lifetime adventure before June 16, with a June departure, and enjoy huge savings on any of these phenomenal trips.

1. Madrid to Marrakesh

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This trip takes you from Madrid to Marrakesh by train, allowing time to enjoy the best of Spain, Portugal and Morocco with help from locals. Experience fine cuisine and culture in Spain with an art walk of Madrid’s museums. Lounge on world-class beaches in Portugal’s Algarve, and explore historic religion, shopping, and entertainment in Morocco on this multifaceted adventure. This trip also includes a spectacular train ride as you make your way south along the Atlantic and across the strait of Gibraltar from Europe to Africa.


2. Galapagos Venture

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The flora and fauna of the Galapagos islands are fully explored in this other-worldly adventure. Intrepid’s local guides will take you to see prehistoric giant tortoise and marine iguanas (an animal found only in the Galapagos) in their natural habitat. The trip offers exceptional variety with a 17km hike, snorkeling and diving, and time to relax and watch the exotic birds of the islands. This hard-to-come-by excursion is a 9-day bulletproof cure for any urban sickness or nature craving you might have.

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3. Land of the Rising Sun

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Make the most of your trip to Japan with this extensive 14-day trip around the country. During this trip you will traverse the Japanese countryside via the famously scenic and comfortable railway system, and stay in traditional Japanese ryokans complete with authentic irori hearths and baths. Experience the modern attractions, excitement and cuisine in Tokyo, the moving Hiroshima peace park, and the historic shogun resting places in Nikko all in one trip, and see why Japan is rapidly becoming one of the top destinations around the world.


4. Serengeti Trail

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Explore the valleys once inhabited by humankind’s earliest ancestors, witness wild African animals and see breathtaking plains in this remarkable safari through Kenya and Tanzania. The Serengeti Trail offers a unique and immersive exploration of East Africa, and gives the opportunity to interact with locals, shop and see one of the most breath-taking parts of earth by 4×4. Throughout the trip, you’ll be accompanied by a knowledgeable group leader, experienced driver and a cook so that you can sit back and enjoy the unrivaled beauty of the African Plains.


5. Iceland Discovery

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Icelandic tourism has exploded in recent years, and for good reason. The volcanoes, glaciers and hot springs are just some of the ethereal experiences Iceland has to offer. They have been voted friendliest country to visit, which, as you probably know, makes a huge difference in a trip to a new place. In addition to seeing the magnificent landscape, this trip takes you on a tour of Reykjavik — Iceland’s largest city. You will then spend 10 days travelling around the island, ending back in Reykjavik with memories that can’t be had in any other country. Can’t make the last-minute deal? We’ve got four other options for visiting Iceland that you can take any time of year.

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