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This Portable $12 Power Strip Means Never Getting Stuck With a Single Outlet While Traveling

Working from a coffee shop can be maddening, especially when the place is buzzing with people waiting for their drinks. Finding an available outlet can be adventurous when there are few around, so you should ditch your regular charger for this travel-friendly power strip with three USB ports and outlets. You’ll be someone’s savior while they’re waiting for that caramel iced macchiato.

The Alitayee USB Power Strip not only offers plenty of utility, but Amazon has it at 55% off its regular price. That’s a great deal, considering it’ll cost you under $12.

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Why the Alitayee USB Power Strip Is a Great Deal

  • Originally $24.99, but now $11.19
  • Instant savings of $13.80
  • 55% off its regular price
  • Compact size makes it travel friendly
  • Free shipping for Amazon Prime subscribers

What We Love About the Alitayee USB Power Strip

Sharing is caring, which is precisely what you’ll be able to do with the Alitayee USB Power Strip. With its wrap-around extension cord, you’ll be able to instantly transform the one outlet you’d be occupying into three — with room to charge an additional three gadgets via USB. Having so many outlets and USB ports within reach is wonderful when you’re charging many devices simultaneously, so you won’t ever have to swap out one thing for another due to the lack of charging ports.

Secondly, we love that it’s compact and perfect for travel. You won’t have to fuss around with the extension cord because it neatly wraps around the power strip for easy storage. Its size and extension cable make for the perfect tabletop-friendly power strip, so you’re not constantly ducking underneath the desk to swap things out. In fact, everything would be within reach and conveniently accessed. Even better, it features a right-angled plug positioned at a 45-degree angle to prevent an accidental covering of other outlets.

This 6-in-1 power strip can also provide 5V 3.1A 15.5W fast charging so that you can connect your gadget, and the power strip will automatically supply it with the most optimal charge. Regarding safety precautions, the Alitayee USB Power Strip is made of a fire-resistant PC shell and high-quality copper bar to help with the prevention of over-voltage and current protection.

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Courtesy of Amazon


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