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Don’t Leave Home Without These Super Safe Anti Pick-Pocket Accessories

It’s always a good time to book a trip and see the world, but whether you’re traveling a few hours away from home or halfway across the globe, one thing that is sure to ruin any adventure is theft. No matter how much you try to blend in with locals, tourists are often targeted as easy prey for pickpockets, which can leave you stranded in a foreign country with no money, credit cards or identification. That’s why we’ve invested in anti-theft gadgets that keep our valuables safe so we can relax and enjoy the local customs and culture. The best anti pick pocket gadgets let you indulge your wanderlust without fear.

It’s imperative to stay vigilant anytime you’re traveling or in a crowded place, and using accessories that are designed to keep personal items safe from pickpockets can be the difference between an amazing or awful trip. We’ve included a few items on our list that can be used on their own or in conjunction with one another, providing additional layers of security to help keep you and your valuables safe.

From daily commutes on busy subways and buses to venturing into new cities and countries, these anti pick pocket gadgets are every thief’s biggest nightmare — and every traveler’s new best friend.

1. Zero Grid Neck Wallet

Keep your valuables hidden from thieves but accessible to you with the Zero Grid Neck Wallet, which includes RFID blocking technology to ensure your cards are not compromised. The wallet comes with three zippered compartments that will fit passports, tickets, cash and more. The wallet is made with lightweight and water-resistant ripstop nylon and features a breathable mesh backing that is comfortable to wear against your skin. Like the Zero Grid Travel Security Belt, the Zero Grid Neck Wallet is also backed by $300 trip insurance.

Pros: The neck wallet comes with six bonus RFID blocking sleeves for credit cards and one for a passport.

Cons: Depending on the number of items in the wallet, it can become bulky and heavy to wear around your neck.

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2. Pacsafe Coversafe Travel Pouch

This small travel pouch was specifically designed with women in mind — it can be clipped to the front or side straps of a bra. It comes in a discreet black or peach color. The small pouch is a good option for storing extra cash, cards and IDs, but it’s not suitable for passports. Men can use it, however. The clip can be attached to a belt loop and discretely tucked into the wearer’s pants.

Pros: Great option for women, but works for men, too. Soft material won’t irritate when worn against the skin. Machine washable.

Cons: Too small for passports.

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3. Eagle Creek Undercover Hidden Pocket, Khaki

This option from Eagle Creek is designed to attach to a belt and be tucked into the wearer’s pants. There’s one main zippered compartment with internal pouches for cards and cash. It’s also large enough to hold a couple of passports. The loops that attach to your belt come in black and brown, allowing an extra level of discretion for the two most common belt colors.

Pros: Discreet way to store money, cards and passports. Lightweight ripstop nylon for durability.

Cons: Not ideal for people who don’t wear belts.

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4. Oscaurt Theft Proof Backpack

This basic and affordable backpack has several small features to make it more theft-resistant. The main compartment opens at the top, near the wearer’s back. That makes it very difficult to unzip it without having the wearer notice. There is also a discreet, hidden pocket for storing essentials. The back of the bag has a luggage strap for attaching to roller luggage, and there’s a convenient USB port.

Pros: Main compartment clings snugly to the wearers back, making it nearly impossible to reach in without the wearer noticing. Modern, minimalist design. Features a USB charge port.

Cons: Might be somewhat small for some travelers.

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5. Yoder Leather Hidden Money Pocket

Travel security belts are typically constructed from nylon because of the material’s practicality and durability. But if you prefer the classic look of leather without compromising safety, consider this option from Yoder Leather Company. It’s available in brown with gold hardware or black with silver hardware. There’s even a zippered compartment on the interior lining for stashing bills.

Pros: Classic leather look with hidden security pouch. Made in the USA. It can hold up to 24 bills.

Cons: Larger width may make it hard to put through thinner belt loops.

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6. Zero Grid Travel Security Belt

Keep spare cash and photocopies of your important documents on you at all times with the Zero Grid Travel Security Belt. The security belt looks like a normal unisex belt, but the TSA-approved accessory actually features Travel Safety Lock Technology, which keeps your items securely hidden and zippered inside your belt.

Pros: Comfortable belt with a highly discreet zippered compartment for storing bills.

Cons: Credit cards, passports and phones will not fit in the Zero Grid Travel Security Belt. May be awkward to quickly remove cash in stores and restaurants.

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