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These Anti-Theft Belts Are A Genius Way To Hide Money When Traveling

Whenever you’re traveling, especially to a foreign country, there’s an increased risk of getting your stuff stolen. The combination of unfamiliar areas and the requirement of carrying lots of valuables make tourists prime targets for pickpocketing. Things like moving your wallet from the back pocket to the front pocket can make a difference, but if you want to be really secure, it’s worth having a couple secret places to stash your valuables. That way, if your wallet gets stolen (or you leave it at the bar after one too many), you’ll at least have a little extra cash stashed away somewhere.

There are a lot of smart places to hide extra money, but perhaps one of the most brilliant is inside a travel security belt. Basically, travel security belts have a zippered compartment on the interior lining for stowing extra cash. The compartments typically aren’t big enough for things like credit cards or IDs. But if you’re looking for a discreet and secure place to store larger bill denominations, it doesn’t get much more hidden than the inside lining of a belt. Of course, it can be a little awkward to retrieve the money, which is why it’s better as a backup storage option than as a regular cash carrier.

Travel security belts are typically made in the style of nylon web belts, which are favored for their wide adjustability and their causal look. However, you can find money belts in classic black or brown leather, too. And of course, even if you’re not traveling or don’t need to hide anything, you can just use them as regular belts. These are the ones to get.

1. Nylon Military Tactical Men Belt 2 Pack

This 2 pack of belts includes a regular nylon web belt and one money belt. The money belt has a zippered sleeve that runs the entire length of the belt. That means you can stash money near the ends of the belt, allowing you to access it without taking off the belt.

Pros: Plastic buckle means it doesn’t have to be taken off to go through metal detectors.  Includes two belts: one money belt and one regular nylon belt, spare buckles are included.

Cons: Buckle can be difficult to open.

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2. Hidden Money Pocket Travel Leather Belt

This belt comes in black with a silver buckle or brown with a gold buckle. If you’d prefer different colored hardware, the buckles are removable and replaceable. The zippered compartment runs most of the length of the belt. An added bonus is that the belt is made in the US.

Pros: Leather belt is available in black or brown for a classic look, comes in a range of sizes. Buckle can be replaced. Made in the US.

Cons: Belt is thick and wide, which may cause difficulty putting them through smaller belt loops.

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3. Zero Grid Travel Security Belt

This belt is done in a nylon web style, and the plastic buckle allows you go through scanners without having to remove the belt. As a bonus with the purchase, Zero Grid provides complimentary trip assurance if items are stolen from the belt, and a free subscription to a loss recovery service.

Pros: Comes with a lifetime guarantee and free access to ReturnMe, which is a lost item recovery service.

Cons: Although it’s adjustable, it only comes in one size.

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