Keep Your Kitty Calm on the Road in These Cozy Carriers

best cat carriers
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If you know anything about cats, you know they’re finicky about everything in life. The food they eat, toys they play with and people they associate with are all carefully curated based on their extremely specific tastes, and that taste changes on a daily basis. One day they’re cuddling up on your lap and the next they’ve found a cardboard box they’d sooner die than depart with. One thing you can consistently count on with your kitty? They absolutely hate getting in a carrier. Whether it’s for a trip to the vet, a road trip or, god forbid, a flight on an airplane the carrier is small, tight, claustrophobic and guaranteed to make them split in the other direction the second it’s pulled from the closet. However, the best cat carriers these days are built to be soothing, secure and easy to carry.

Cats have been a common addition to families for a while now, and therefore the technology used to care for them has advanced. (Side note: did you know they’ve got self-cleaning litter boxes now? Wild). Cat carriers have progressed alongside other kitty tech and are now made with softer materials, designed to be sleek and spacious, and easy to transport. Whether you’re traveling by plane, train or bus the best cat carriers are built to keep your cat as comfortable as possible on the journey.


1. Henkelion Cat Carrier


This cat carrier has amazing reviews on Amazon and can accommodate cats, dogs, puppies and kittens of all sizes — up to 15 pounds if need be. It comes in five different colors and has an adjustable shoulder strap for safe and secure travel. The exterior of the carrier is made of durable, waterproof fabric and has a cozy fleece bed inside that’s machine-washable.

henkelion cat carrier, best cat carriers Courtesy of Amazon


2. Vceoa Soft-Sided Travel Carrier


This cat carrier has mesh windows for ventilation on either side and a soft design overall so your cat doesn’t get too claustrophobic. It has a maximum load of 16 pounds and fits most under-seat dimensions on airplanes. It also comes with a removable base insert that can create a solid surface for your pet to walk on if desired, and comes with a removable fleece pet bed that’s hand washable. It has carrying handles as well as an adjustable shoulder strap that can double as a seat belt in the car, as well as a back strap that can fasten the carrier to luggage.

vceoa airline cat carrier, best cat carriers Courtesy of Amazon


3. Midwest Spree Travel Pet Carrier


This cat carrier has a classic sturdy look and a budget price tag without sacrificing quality or security. This cat carrier is hard-sided which protects your feline friend from those thumps and bumps that can sometimes come with travel. It comes in three different colors — blue, green and red and has a built-in handle on top. This cat carrier is ideal for smaller cats and requires a quick and easy assembly that requires no tools.

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4. Amazon Basics Soft-Sided Mesh Carrier


This pet carrier has over 10,000 5-star reviews on Amazon and is built top to bottom for a safe journey for your cat. It has an adjustable carry strap so you can be hands-free and fits the under-seat dimensions of most domestic airlines. This cat carrier also features front and top openings depending on how your cat likes to get in and out (trust me all cats have a preference) and double zippers so it stays closed during transport.

amazon basics cat carrier, best cat carriers Courtesy of Amazon


5. OMORC Pet Carrier


This soft-sided cat carrier is one of the most comfortable vessels for your cat. It’s expandable so you can give your cat more space in the car or on a plane, and has mesh windows on all sides so they won’t feel trapped. The carrier has a pet-friendly design made of durable material, and green reflective tapes for secure nighttime use. You can open this carrier four different ways, and it has a microfiber frame to prevent sagging. Despite its larger size and expandability, this cat carrier still complies with most airlines size requirements.

OMORC pet carrier, best cat carrier Courtesy of Amazon


6. Sherpa Travel Deluxe Pet Carrier


This Delta-branded cat carrier is built for travel on planes with a spring wire frame that condenses down a few inches to abide by under-seat requirements. It has mesh windows on both sides as well as roll-down windows for privacy when needed. It has top and side entry with locking zippers for safety as well as a no-slip carrying strap. Lastly, the Delta luggage tag will make sure no one mistakes your kitty for theirs at any point in your journey.

sherpa cat carrier, best cat carriers Courtesy of Amazon


7. morpilot Pet Travel Carrier


The pad in this cat carrier can be fastened for secure travel in a vehicle and the breathable sides allow pets to view their surroundings, reducing anxiety. This carrier is made of durable-grade polyester and has a small bag on the outside for storage. It can be used as a tote bag, over the shoulder or slung cross-body with the adjustable strap.

morpilot Pet Travel carrier, best cat carriers Courtesy of Amazon


8. Sherpa Original Deluxe Cat Carrier


This deluxe cat carrier gives your pet a chance to travel in style with a cozy faux fir lambskin liner on the inside that’ll keep them cozy. The spring-wire frame can compress to fit securely underneath and the security strap is adjustable. It also has locking zippers for safety and offers ventilation on all sides as well as top and side entry depending on what you and/or your pet prefer.

sherpa deluxe cat carrier, best cat carriers Courtesy of Chewy


9. Petisfam Store Cat Carrier


This cat carrier is larger than most to comfortably accommodate larger kitties. It’s higher and wider so your cat won’t feel compressed or unhappy on the journey. The top entrance also makes it easier to fit your cat into it. It’s a flexible fabric carrier that’s as protective as a plastic case, but much more comfortable. All the zippers inside are anti-escape and it has a leash hook inside to keep your pet secure. It also only weighs 2.38 pounds, making it easier for you to carry your pet.

large cat carrier, best cat carriers Courtesy of Amazon


10. Pet Fit for Life Store Cat Condo


This oversized cat carrier can double as a comfortable cat condo with a litter box included making it great for short weekend trips. It’s made from super durable nylon fabric and has a flexible steel frame which makes it easy to move and pack. It’s spacious and comfortable inside so it’ll easily become your cat’s “safe space” amongst all the new people. It has a soft velvet floor pad, 2 side windows and a zippered front door for plenty of ventilation. It also has stakes so you can secure it when using it outdoors.

Pet Fit for Life Store Cat Condo with a litter box , best cat carriers Courtesy of Amazon