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The Best Clear Backpacks for Breezing Through Security in Style

See-through backpacks aren’t a nostalgic throwback to more innocent 90s fashion. Today, the resurgence of clear backpacks is rather grim. To address high profile mass shootings, many schools, arenas and sports organizations are implementing new security procedures. Chief among them is the requirement that attendees only carry clear backpacks with an unobstructed view of the contents inside. Some security-conscious schools now have a see-through bag policy to stop students from bringing weapons to class. Likewise, many sporting stadiums that host NFL and NBA games require clear backpacks, as do major music festivals such as Coachella. As a result, companies are competing to produce high quality and stylish see-through backpacks that won’t be completely embarrassing if they show up in a selfie.

The best clear backpacks will make it easy to breeze through security at music festivals, sporting events and other occasions with tight security. There’s no need to open zippers or remove everything inside. Just as importantly, the best clear backpacks have a stylish design and comfortable straps. You can now find clear backpacks that mimic the appearance of fanny packs, backpacks, messenger bags and other popular accessories.

Keep reading to shop our picks for the best clear backpacks and make sure you’re ready to have fun at your next big event.

1. K-Cliffs Heavy Duty Clear Backpack

By using a transparent material which is 55% thicker than competing backpacks, the K-Cliffs Heavy Duty Clear Backpack offers a more solid and durable product for your money. The clear material is ideal for use at clear-bag-only schools, restricted stadium shows and other secure sporting events, like the NFL, PGA and NASCAR. The bag sports an S-curve design, so it sits comfortably on your back, while the double layer, smooth nylon won’t scratch your skin as you walk. In addition, the waterproof material is easily cleaned and provides protection when you’re caught in the rain.

PROS: The range of available hem colors allows you to put your own spin on things.

CONS: The thicker material and larger size makes this bag slightly heavier than some competing options.

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Image courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon

2. AmazonBasics School Backpack

The AmazonBasics School Backpack is transparent from every angle, making it great for quickly passing through security at schools, festivals and sporting events. It’s constructed from water-resistant PVC, making it durable and capable of protecting your things from rain and accidental spills. In addition to the main storage compartment, you’ll also find a front mounted pocket and two elastic side pockets which are ideal for bottles. This bag is available in mini backpack and tote styles, too, and it comes with a one-year warranty.

PROS: The range of different sizes and styles lets you choose the bag which fits your requirements best.

CONS: The backpack’s generic design may be functional, but it’s a little uninspiring.

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Image courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon

3. Magicbags Heavy Duty Clear Backpack

The Magicbags Heavy Duty Clear Backpack offers two ways to carry it in the form of adjustable straps and a top-mounted handle. The straps have been reinforced for added durability and also include padding to provide a comfortable carrying experience. The bag is made from heavy duty 0.3mm clear PVC and includes two side pockets which are ideal for storing bottles. It also has a large main compartment and a medium-sized front compartment. Plus, this bag is available in with either black or blue hemming and straps.

PROS: In addition to the central compartment, the large front pocket can also be used to store longer items.

CONS: The design includes no pencil holder which can be found in some competing models.

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Image courtesy of Amazon

4. Jomparo Heavy Duty Transparent Clear Backpack

With blue, gray and black color schemes, the Jomparo Heavy Duty Transparent Clear Backpack offers a bit of individual style in what is an otherwise featureless design. The bag is built for quick progression through tight security checks as the see-through design allows you to see every item inside without needing to open it. The design also includes two side pockets, one central compartment and a tall front pocket, providing plenty of space for your belongings. Furthermore, the adjustable straps, which are also padded, ensure a comfortable feel throughout the day.

PROS: The padded straps, which are also adjustable, ensure a comfortable and secure fit.

CONS: The design has not been approved by the NFL, so you’ll need to check specific stadium restrictions if you’re looking for a bag for this purpose.

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