These 3 Cord Organizers Will Keep You Sane on Your Next Trip

best cord cable organizers

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With the new ease and affordability of travel, Americans are now on the road more than ever. They logged a reported 1.8 billion trips for leisure purposes in 2018, and more than 463 million trips for business.

If you count yourself as one of these frequent travelers, whether domestically, or abroad, you probably know how difficult it is not only to remember to pack everything, but to keep it from turning into a tangled mess before your arrival. That’s where handy hacks like cord organizers come in, designed to help keep your various charging devices neat and in one easy-to-access place. You know how you use packing cubes for clothing and shoes? Same idea, only for your chargers, converters, cords and cables. Here are three of the best ones to get.

1. BAGSMART Electronic Organizer

Made of water-repellent nylon and padded for extra security, this organizer contains one mesh pocket and five elastic loops designed for cable, mouse or headphone storage. It’s double zippered to make it even more easily accessible, and can help serve as a checklist while you’re packing, so you can make sure you’ve included all your electronic essentials.

Bagsmart Cord Organizer Amazon


2. ProCase Roll-up Electronics Organizer

Designed to be flexible and to take up limited room in your bag, the Pro-Case has a variety of storage possibilities for you to choose from, including zippered pouches for hard drives, power banks or cell phones, and smaller mesh pouches and loops designed for USB storage.

Roll Up Electronics Organizer Amazon


3. HaloVa Travel Gadget Organizer

If you pack lightly and don’t need comprehensive electronics storage, this cord organizer by HaloVa will keep your cables untangled and easy to access, and is also small enough to throw in a backpack or laptop bag. With spacious inner storage and one mesh pouch, this organizer is ideal for shorter trips, or even everyday use.

HaloVa Travel Gadget Organizer Amazon

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