The 5 Best Hotels in New York City

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When you visit New York, you don’t eat at chain restaurants. So why stay at a chain hotel? We dug deep to uncover the most original hotels in the Big Apple and narrowed it down to a few favorites. Whether you prefer beautiful views from Brooklyn or downtown vibes on the Lower East Side, we’ve uncovered the five best hotels in New York City.

1. The Arlo NoMad

Located in Midtown, near Madison Square Garden and the Empire State Building, the Arlo Nomad is modern boutique hotel that features spacious communal areas and a library cum lounge. Modernist touches include the curated wall art, perfectly designed yet compact rooms, and glass-walled showers. The Arlo NoMad hosts two eateries: the Bodega is open 24 hours, and Massoni offers Italian-Asian-inspired cuisine. Borrow a bike to explore Manhattan by day, then relax at your choice of a 60s-style cocktail lounge or rooftop bar with an unbeatable view of the Manhattan skyline.

arlo nomad


2. 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

We all know that when a hotel tells you they conserve towels to save water, what they’re really saving is the utility budget. Well here’s a hotel that actually cares about the environment. Designed by local artists and built using reclaimed materials and native greenery, the eco-friendly 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge offers breathtaking views of the East River and Manhattan skyline. Amenities include a private screening room, rooftop pool (and two rooftop cocktail bars), the ultra-luxurious Bamford Spa and a cafe that serves food from local artisans. They’re so pet friendly that they offer all-natural, homemade dog treats to canine travelers– it doesn’t get more Brooklyn hipster than that.

1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge


3. 11 Howard

Build in a former post-office building, a blue Groundswell mural covers the south facing wall of 11 Howard. The interior is done in a Scandinavian motif. The hotel houses a French eatery and a beer pub called “The Blond.” They accommodate families quite well, with a babysitting service on request — but they do note that the hotel is best suited for teens rather than small children.

11 howard nyc


4. The Roxy Hotel

If old fashioned jazz brings you joy, then The Roxy is where you belong. Located on the SoHo side of Tribeca, it houses the “Django,” a subterranean jazz club. There’s a theater that screens retro films, and you can mingle with the NYC creative set at the Paul Sevigny-owned nightclub. An added bonus: The Roxy is so pet friendly that even if you don’t bring a pet with you, they’ll lend a goldfish for the duration of your stay. Just make sure to ask in advance.

the roxy hotel nyc


5. The Ludlow

If you like the way glam meets grit on the Lower East Side, then you’ll love The Ludlow. Developed by famed hotelier Sean MacPherson, factory-style casement windows and a red-brick façade set the tone. A distressed-limestone fireplace in the lounge and custom turned-wood bedframes in the guest rooms seal the deal. It’s pet friendly in the sense that they’ll give you a dog bowl, but you still have to bring your own bed and food. They also have a 1,500 sq ft penthouse on the 17th floor. It boasts a 1,000 sq ft terrace, floor to ceiling windows, wrap-around views of the city and a king size bed.

the ludlow nyc

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