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Brighten Your Nights With This Powerful LED Bike Light

* Can be used as headlamp, bike light and even a portable lamp
* Offers USB connectivity for ease of use
* Lasts up to 15 hours on a single charge

For bike riders, one of the biggest challenges is riding at night. That’s where this portable bike light comes in. Sporting up to an incredible 15 hours of continuous run time, this rechargeable LED light is great for short rides, long treks and everything in between.

With a maximum output of up to 1200 lumens, this bike light helps illuminate dim city streets and dark alleys. Don’t have room to store it on your bike? No problem. You can also use it as a headlight or even as a portable lamp.

With four separate settings, you can alter the brightness depending on the time of day. It’s also USB compatible, so you can charge it at home or on the go. Simply attach it to either the front or back of your bike for instant illumination. You can even keep it in your car in case of emergencies — just make sure to keep your USB cable nearby.

A sturdy aluminum outer casing helps with durability, and an added heat dissipation system makes it easier (and safer) to wear. But that’s not all – this LED light always comes with a host of accessories, including a head strap, charging cable, collection bag and an impressive lifetime warranty. When it comes to finding the right bike light, there’s simply none brighter.

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