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The Best Packing Cubes Allow You to Always Arrive With Your Clothes Looking Clean and Crisp

Whether you travel once a year or once a week, packing cubes can help save you time and money. When using packing cubes, travelers are able to better organize their clothing in suitcases and duffel bags. Clothes look fresh and clean even after a long journey, saving you time spent in front of the ironing board and money to pay for dry cleaning.

Packing cubes are ideal for business travelers who change hotels on the same trip, making it easy to remove single outfits at a time instead of having to completely unpack and repack belongings every day. Packing cubes are designed for use with suitcases, but smaller cubes are a great accessory for backpacks and duffel bags. By using a cube, travelers can fit more items in their smaller bags and find items quickly without having to search the entire contents of their backpack.

Packing cubes are also helpful for daily travel. Whether you’re heading to the gym before work or need multiple outfits throughout the day, packing cubes help to keep outfits organized and can separate dirty used clothes from fresh clean clothes.

We also like using packing cubes in our home. Clothes can be organized by seasons and items that aren’t needed every day can be neatly organized and stored in a closet or under a bed.

If you’re ready to travel smarter, check out some of our favorite picks for the best packing cubes for travel.

1. PRO Packing Cubes for Travel

Find a spot for everything with the extensive PRO Packing Cubes for Travel. The set comes with 10 pieces, making it the largest on our list. The lightweight cubes are made with a high-tech fabric that is thin but durable. Users can stuff ample items in each cube without the zipper fraying or ripping. Using the Pro Packing Cubes can help to reduce the bulk of your luggage by 30%, making it easier to organize belongings and fit more items into a suitcase. The cubes have mesh windows that allow users to see their contents without opening the cubes.

Pros: Each piece is a different color, making it easy to differentiate between sizes. This also allows couples and families traveling together to be able to quickly locate their own packing cube when sharing a suitcase.

Cons: The Pro Packing Cubes pack a big price tag.

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2. Veken 6 Set Packing Cubes

Keep your belongings protected from dirt and moisture with the Veken 6 Set Packing Cubes. The cubes are made with 290D nylon fabric and Veken also uses EVA fabric, which is recyclable, making it an eco-friendly option. The set includes a variety of sizes, including a shoe bag and a laundry bag. The four rectangle cubes each have a mesh and frosted window that allows users to quickly see the bag’s contents. The Veken helps users save space and their exterior handles make it possible for the bags to be used on their own for travel.

Pros: The Veken cubes are made with water-resistant material that make them a great choice for camping trips and trips to the gym.

Cons: Unlike the Pro Packing Cubes, the Veken will rip if overstuffed and they don’t hold their shape, which can mean clothes come out looking wrinkled.

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3. AmazonBasics 4 Piece Packing Travel Organizer Cubes Set

For an affordable and lightweight travel companion set, try the AmazonBasics 4 Piece Packing Travel Organizer Cubes. The set includes four cubes that are each a different size, giving users several options. Each cube has a double zipper for easy opening and closing. The soft mesh on one side of the cube won’t damage clothing and provides ventilation. An outside webbed handle makes it convenient to carry the cubes on their own, which is helpful when going through airport security. Customers can choose from six color options. We also like that the cubes can be cleaned in the washing machine.

Pros: The AmazonBasics has one of the largest mesh windows on their cubes, making it convenient to see the contents of each bag without having to unzip the cube.

Cons: The set does not come with a shoe bag or laundry bag. Like the Veken, the AmazonBasics don’t hold their shape.

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4. Mossio 7 Set Packing Cubes with Shoe Bag

For versatile packing options, we like the affordable Mossio 7 Set Packing Cubes with Shoe Bag. The set comes with three large packing cubes, three laundry pouches of various sizes, and a bonus shoe bag. The laundry bags have a full zip closure and can be used for clothing or to protect and organize tech accessories, like chargers. The lightweight cubes are made with durable nylon and two-way YYK zippers. The Mossio set is available in a variety of brightly colored prints that are easy to see inside suitcases and backpacks.

Pros: The Mossio set comes with a small laundry pouch that is water-resistant and can be used for toiletries.

Cons: The shoe bag is too small to fit most men’s shoes over a Size 9 and because all the bags have the same pattern, it can be difficult to distinguish between them.


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