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The Best Picnic Blankets For Meandering Meals

When the weather gets warm, it’s time to head outside and enjoy the great outdoors. Maybe you’ve packed your favorite brew in a chilling beer growler, have a picnic basket filled with delicious food and have even thought to bring bug spray so you don’t get eaten alive by pests. Sounds like a romantic scene, doesn’t it? But what’s between you and the elements? If the answer isn’t a picnic blanket, you may be in for an uncomfortable and wet experience.

As curbside food pick-up and outdoor dining became a regular part of our lives in 2020, many of us discovered a newfound love of picnics. No matter the reason, sharing a meal outside can be a great way to enjoy time with friends and family.

What To Look For In A Picnic Blanket

As with most outdoor adventures, location is key. If most of your picnics take place on grass, opt for a design with a water-resistant or waterproof underside. Like to hit the beach? A beach blanket may better suit your picnic needs.

Size matters. While bigger can sometimes be better, if you’re heading out for a picnic with little kids, you may be able to use a smaller blanket that isn’t as heavy.

Keep features in mind. Carrying handles and privacy pockets are great for picnics at the end of a hike, but if you’re looking for a blanket to use in your own backyard, these features may be overkill.

How We Chose The Best Picnic Blankets

We’ve reviewed a lot of outdoor blankets over the years, but not all of them are ideal for picnics. While many outdoor blankets are designed for comfort and warmth, only some of them are ideal for al fresco dining. The best picnic blankets tend to have specific features such as carrying handles, waterproof layers, and durable materials. Combined, these features make picnics better than ever. All the blankets on our list have useful attributes like these but also stylish designs as well.

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Pick up one of these blankets before your next outdoor meal.


1. MIU COLOR Waterproof Outdoor Blanket


The biggest selling point of the MIU Color Waterproof Outdoor Blanket is its size. This blanket folds out to an impressive 80″ by 60″, which can accommodate two people lying down or four people sitting up. As an added bonus, this blanket is waterproof and easy to wipe clean. When this blanket folds into itself it measures only 13 by 8 inches and has a convenient carrying handle. Affordable and lightweight, this picnic blanket is a great option to keep in your car or home for last-minute picnic outings. 

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2. Scuddles Extra Large Picnic & Outdoor Blanket


With a classy striped pattern, the Scuddles Extra Large Picnic And Outdoor Blanket is soft and cozy thanks to its fleece exterior. Inside the blanket, you’ll find a water-resistant PEVA layer, making this one of the best picnic blankets available. The blanket is machine washable, meaning you’ll always have the ability to clean your picnic blanket after use. Available in several sizes, colors and patterns, it’s easy to find a Scuddle picnic blanket that is the perfect fit for your next outing. 

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3. Three Donkeys Extra Large Picnic and Beach Blanket


This picnic blanket has three layers of material – a 190T polyester fabric layer, 80G soft sponge in the middle, and a waterproof 210D oxford bottom to keep you comfortable if the ground you’re sitting on is damp. It comes in two bright, delightful patterns and is made to be waterproof and sand-resistant. Measuring an impressive 79″ x 79″, the Three Donkeys picnic blanket is large enough for four adults to lie down on and weighs only 2.6 pounds when folded up so it’s easy to carry to and from outdoor gatherings.


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4. LIVN LIFE Outdoor Picnic Blanket


This outdoor picnic blanket from LIVN life has a super unique, bright pattern that’ll stand out anywhere you take it. It’s made extra-large, like many of the others on this list, and is built waterproof and sand-free as well. It’s made of 600D oxford polyester on top and a PVC bottom layer that’ll keep you comfortable all day long. The picnic blanket is finished with durable materials and comes in three other, similarly bright patterns so you can pick what you like. The blanket can’t be machine washed, but spot cleaning is easy for big and small spills.

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5. ISOPHO Sand Free Beach Blanket


This picnic blanket from Isopho is really more of a beach blanket and is perfect for lounging on the sand. It’s made of 210T polyester that’s designed to keep you dry and sandless during your adventures. It’s built oversized, at 79″ x 87″, and is thin enough to load in a beach bag easily once folded. This blanket is also made with four anchors on each corner so you can easily pin it down and not lose it in the wind. It’s great for spreading out and tanning, entertaining children, and staking out your territory along the shore. We also like that it comes with a storage back for added convenience.


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6. Sea Stars Coral Blanket from ChappyWrap


ChappyWrap has a legion of fans thanks to their ultra-soft blankets that are available in a wide selection of sizes and sweet designs. Their Sea Stars Coral blanket is made with the company’s cotton, polyester, and acrylic blend that makes it ultra-soft and machine washable for easy care. Great for using indoors on the couch or outdoors during a picnic, the 60” by 80” blanket won’t pill or shrink and it has a reversible design for an added design touch.

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Image courtesy of ChappyWraps

7. Scenic Beach Towel by Brooklinen


If you’re looking to enjoy a picnic at the beach, bring a multi-functional towel blanket. The Scenic Beach Towel by Brooklinen, which is available in several bold colors, works as a towel, a beach blanket, and a picnic blanket. The towels are made with a 600 GSM back that is absorbent and great for wet sand or grass or to use when drying off. A velour front creates a soft place to lay or sit and at 34” by 70”, the towels are large enough for a few people to sit on at once. Made with an ultra-durable Z-twist weave, the long-lasting beach towel won’t pill and dries quickly.

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Image courtesy of Brooklinen

8. Outdoor Blanket With Tote by Pottery Barn


For a picnic blanket that will help keep you dry and is easy to carry, we like the Outdoor Picnic Blanket With Tote by Pottery Barn. Available in three neutral-colored patterns, the lightweight blanket has a supersoft flannel top made from 600D Denier polyester and a water-resistant PVC backing. When the picnic is over, users can easily fold the blanket into a tote and use the conveniently placed carrying strap. We also like that it has a security pocket on the flap for small items. At less than 2.5 pounds and with an unfolded measurement of 70” by 81”, the Outdoor Blanket is a great option for large and small groups.

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Image courtesy of Pottery Barn

9. YETI Lowlands Blanket


If you want to be able to have a picnic on the side of a mountain, the bottom of a waterfall, or just about anywhere your next adventure takes you, the YETI Lowlands Blanket is a must-have. The all-terrain blanket features a hydro barrier waterproof layer that keeps dampness out and a padded, insulated interior for a comfortable sitting, lying, or sleeping experience. The blanket repels dirt and hair, making it a great option for pet owners, and when it’s time to head home, the blanket can be machine washed and dried to be ready for your next outing. Measuring 79” by 55”, the YETI weighs just over 6 pounds but is worth the extra cargo weight for a dry, comfortable bum.

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