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Add an Extra Layer of Security With a Portable Door Lock

Feeling safe when you’re at home or traveling can sometimes be difficult. Whether it’s through installing a smart lock in your home, keeping pepper spray readily available or doing a double-check for spy cameras in your rental — feeling secure anywhere you go is important. For those who live in rental properties, knowing that landlords or former tenants could have easy access to your home can create some unease. When staying in rentals or hotels, guests may feel uncomfortable knowing that employees and owners could enter their room at any time. And for those who live with nosy roommates, being able to lock the bedroom door can provide an added feeling of security and help solve arguments over privacy once and for all. That’s why a portable door lock is a great item that can help users feel safe when at home or traveling.

It’s important to note that portable door locks should only be used in legally approved manners. Ensure all the members of your home know how to remove the lock in case of a fire and always use precautions when using a portable door lock.

What Do Portable Door Locks Do?

Portable door locks act as a reinforcement for locking doors and can also be used on doors that don’t have locks, like interior doors. We’ve included styles of portable door locks that can be used from the inside of the home or room as well as portable door locks that can be used on the outside. These locks provide an additional level of security and can act as a deterrent for intruders — whether that’s a busybody roommate or an unscrupulous landlord.

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1. The Original Portable Door Lock by Addalock


Feel safe even when traveling by using the Original Portable Door Lock by Addalock. Installation takes only a few seconds and provides an added level of security in any hotel room or rental. Metal claws are inserted into the strike plate when the door is open. Once the door is closed, the Addalock is installed, making it impossible for those with a key to open the door from the outside. Designed to be used on the inside of a door to slow intruders and keep out people with a key, the Addalock is ideal for use in hotels, college dorms or home rentals when strangers may have access to your door.

Pros: The Addalock comes with a storage pouch for protection when the lock is not in use.

Cons: The Addalock may not work on doors with large deadbolts.

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2. Travelers Security Lock


The Travelers Safety Lock is the most secure option on the list, but also the most expensive. It’s constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum that will stand up to serious pressure. This portable door lock can be installed on right- or left-facing doors and is incredibly easy to install. By redistributing any force applied to the door to the lock and doorframe, this lock provides serious protection from intruders. An included carrying case makes it easy to travel with.

Pros: Heavy-duty materials provide reliable security while traveling. Easy to install on virtually any door. Protects against keys and forced entry.

Cons: More expensive than other travel locks. Users with mobility issues may have trouble installing this lock.

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3. Calslock Portable Door Lock for Travel


The Calslock Portable Door Lock for Travel provides peace of mind when home or traveling. The small lock is the size of two pens but provides a sturdy second lock over a deadbolt. The Calslock can be used by hooking the lock into the strike plate and then squeezing and pulling back the slide bar when the door is open. Once the door is closed, users simply squeeze the slide bar and push it against the door. The Calslock works best on doors with a small gap between the frame and the door. Like the Addalock, the Carslock is ideal for use in places where multiple people may have access to your door, including hotels, dorms and rentals.

Pros: The Calslock will provide resistance against intruders pushing in on the door and will create a loud noise that can alert sleeping residents.

Cons: The Calslock only works on doors that swing inwards. The serrated edge makes this lock unsafe for homes where small children can reach the door handle.

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4. Prime-Line Door Knob Lock-Out Device


Help prevent others from accessing the lock on your doorknob with the Prime-Line Door Knob Lock-Out Device. The lock fits over a round doorknob and uses a key to prevent the turning of the knob and access to the keyhole. The cylinder inside the lock is held in place with an O-ring and can be removed when the device is unlocked and open. The Prime-Line can be installed in seconds and is made with a durable, diecast construction.

Pros: Customers can use the Prime-Line to prevent prying landlords from entering their homes without permission. Because the lock fits over the doorknob, the renter isn’t changing the locks, which is against many rental policies.

Cons: The Prime-Line can only be used on round doorknobs.

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5. AceMining Portable Door Lock


AceMining’s portable door lock is very easy to use and can be installed within seconds, in the dark or in an emergency if need be. It’s made of high-quality, rigid stainless steel that’ll hold up even in demanding situations like an attempt at a forced entry. It’s also designed for wide usage on a variety of doors in hotels, apartments, houses and more. Whether you want to ensure children and dogs don’t get out or unwanted guests don’t get in, this lock is a solid choice.

Pros: Installs in seconds, made of high-quality, durable materials, designed to fit most doors seamlessly.

Cons: The chain that connects the main body with the plastic cover is flimsier than the rest of the tool, however, this doesn’t affect its ability to function.

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6. VINCREY Portable Door Lock


This portable door lock from VINCREY is ready to use right out of the box, and is super simple to install once you’ve read the directions carefully. It works on most, not all, doors and is made of hefty materials that’ll jam any intruder and protect your safety. It’s made of heavy-duty stainless steel material that’s thicker than most locks so your door stays shut no matter who is trying to get in, and it’s small enough to fit in a standard bag or suitcase. If you travel alone and want reassurance of your privacy and security, this lock is an excellent choice.

Pros: Made of hefty materials, portable and easy to use.

Cons: It does not fit all doors, so make sure you read the dimensions before you purchase.

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7. DoorJammer Portable Door Lock Brace


This portable door lock from DoorJammer works by jamming the door from underneath as opposed to locking the knob or handle further, so it’s compatible with almost all doors and all types of flooring. You can use it with carpet as well as laminated floors, and it takes only a few seconds to set up. The small neoprene extension foot only needs about 0.3 inches of clearance to work so it’ll work in most spaces, and it can be used with high-threshold doors. It weighs only 8 ounces but forms a powerful barricade to keep you safe.

Pros: Works on nearly all doors and floor types, strong barricade, requires no tools to install and can be easily removed in an emergency.

Cons: If your door has a large gap between the bottom and the floor this lock might not work.

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8. EMDMAK Door Stop Alarm


This door stopper/alarm from EMDMAK isn’t technically a door lock but it will make it much harder for someone to enter your space and sound an alarm alerting you that someone is intruding. It can be used while traveling just as easily as it can be used at home, and the alarm is 120db, so it’ll scare away anyone who comes in contact with it. The door wedges have three sensitivity levels you can set — high, medium and low, and they’re powered on 9V batteries that can be used for a year under typical circumstances. The installation is super simple, and they can be used on any door with a small gap underneath it.

Pros: Alarm alerts you to the intruder, super easy to install, sensitivity levels are handy, battery lasts for an entire year.

Cons: Not a lock, so it won’t prevent an intruder from getting in if they aren’t scared off by the alarm.

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9. Master Lock Set Your Own Combination Portable Lock Box


Safely store your main or backup key directly on your door with the Master Lock Set Your Own Combination Portable Lock Box. The durable lock box is made tough with a metal body, a vinyl-coated shackle that won’t scratch doors and a weather protection cover to keep keys dry. Large enough to fit up to five standard keys at once, the lockbox has a four-digit combination that can be set and reset by the user. Master Lock is great for use on primary and secondary residences, as well as for real estate listings and home rentals.

Pros: Master Lock also makes a portable light-up option of their lockbox that makes it easy for users to see the combination pad even in low lighting.

Cons: The Master Lock doesn’t provide a backup for your door’s lock, instead of focusing on keeping customers safe by providing a secure way to store an extra key. The Master Lock can be used on knob and handles but not lever-style door openings.

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