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We’re Traveling Again, and We’re Packing These Rolling Suitcases

Any time is a good time to travel but without the best luggage, your trip could be more hectic than happy. The best rolling suitcases combine security and convenience to take the hassle out of travel, because the last thing you should be worried about when traveling is the state of your luggage. As we enter the summer of travel, it’s more important than ever to have one of the best rolling luggage pieces by your side.

That’s why we pulled together this list of great rolling suitcase options. We’ve got options big and small, hard and soft, cheap and pricey and nice-looking and basic-looking. Just about every rolling suitcase we’ve included here comes in multiple sizes, so if we’ve included a pick and you want it in a larger or smaller size, there’s a good chance you can get it.

But before we jump in, here are a few things to keep in mind while you shop around for the best rolling suitcases:

  • Hardshell vs Softshell Hardshell luggage, typically made from plastic or polycarbonate, is more durable, protective and shock-resistant than softshells, typically made from nylon. But, those pieces have less give for those occasions when you’re returning with more than you came with. Softshells give more in the other direction, like when you have to squeeze a bag into a small trunk space. It’s important to note that hardshells are generally more expensive, but you can find cheap and expensive options for both.
  • Sizing – Do you want something for a weekend trip or something for a multi-week trip to Europe? Most of the bags below come in multiple sizes.
  • Price – Luggage, especially rolling suitcases, tends to cost a lot. Even the cheapest bags will run around $50, and luxury rolling suitcases can cost over $1,000. Like all things, price roughly correlates to quality (higher price, higher quality), but you start to get diminishing returns around $200, and there are plenty of great rolling suitcases for a lot less than that (and plenty of great rolling suitcases for a lot more than that).

Check-In vs. Carry-On Rolling Luggage

While the best rolling luggage usually comes in multiple sizes, meaning there are options for carrying on and checking in, for the purpose of this article, we’ve chosen to focus on checked bags. That’s because most people think of check-in size bags when they think of “luggage.” However, if you are looking for a great rolling carry-on bag (because who really wants to pay all those baggage fees?), we have plenty of resources for you.

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Now that you’re armed with those basics, it’s time to arm yourself against luggage-related headaches with a great rolling suitcase. We’ve listed our picks roughly from cheaper to pricier to give some order to the sheer variety of options, so check them out below and get yourself the best rolling suitcase so you can worry about one less thing when traveling.


1. Samsonite Omni PC Hardside Expandable Luggage


If there’s one name in travel you definitely know, it’s Samsonite. The brand has become synonymous with travel luggage, and this American luggage manufacturer is known for making hardy, long-lasting luggage. (We wouldn’t say they make the most attractive luggage, but that’s not the primary focus of this piece.) The Samsonite Omni PC Hardside Expandable Luggage lives up to the Samsonite promise of quality luggage. This 24-inch suitcase uses scratch-resistant polycarbonate for its hard shell, four spinner wheels and a telescoping handle for rolling and a mesh divider and cross straps in the main compartment to help you separate and organize your stuff.

On the downsides, reviewers noted that the non-telescoping handle and wheels get weaker over time, which is to be expected You can also expect some denting to the shell if the suitcase is heavily packed and mishandled. For the average traveler, this spinner suitcase should serve you well for many years to come.

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Courtesy of Amazon


2. AmazonBasics Oxford Expandable Spinner Luggage


If you’re looking for cheap rolling suitcases (or cheap anything, really) AmazonBasics exists for a reason. The AmazonBasics Oxford Expandable Spinner Luggage is perfect for long hauls and weekend getaways. It’s extremely affordable for a rolling suitcase, it’s got four double spinner wheels for any-direction rolling, an external hard shell and a collapsible and expandable handle to drag the bag. Plus, the suitcase is expandable.

But the upside is also the downside: At this low price point, you can expect durability issues down the road, and some reviewers reported breaks on the wheels or handles on the bag’s first or second use. Overall, if you’re willing to accept the small risk of receiving a dud rolling suitcase, the AmazonBasics bag is an excellent bet.

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Courtesy of Amazon


3. SwissGear Hardside Expandable Luggage


The SwissGear Hardside Expandable Luggage makes for a functional piece of luggage at a reasonable price point.

It basically takes the classic hardshell design and brings it into the modern age, thanks to its all-black exterior, four spinner wheels, a telescopic handle, pockets and a divider in the main compartment, protective side bumper feet and a couple of inches of zipper expandability.

Just be wary of the so-called reinforced top handle. If one issue emerged from negative reviewers, it was the detaching of the handle from the suitcase.

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Courtesy of Amazon


4. Travelpro Maxlite 5 Luggage


The Travelpro Maxlite 5 Luggage is a pretty solid bag with not much to complain about.

This 26-inch softshell bag has all the basics you want in rolling suitcases: a solid telescoping handle with two lock points, expandability (up to 2 inches), four well-made spinner wheels, 46 liters of storage and multiple pockets inside and out. It also has a water- and stain-resistant coating on the shell for added durability.

Take all that and you’ve got a pretty great rolling suitcase. The only issues we identified aren’t dealbreakers either. The bag is a little prone to tipping, especially if it’s packed awkwardly, and certain reviewers reported less-than-stellar zippers, some of which did break.

But those were the exceptions, not the rule, and compared to pricier options, this Travelpro bag is a solid deal.

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Courtesy of Amazon


5. Target Open Story Hardside Checked Suitcase


Yeah, we’re as surprised as you are to be recommending an in-house Target brand, but here we are. The Open Story Hardside Checked Suitcase is a surprisingly strong rolling suitcase given that Target isn’t strictly in the business of making luggage. That may be because Target went the opposite direction of Amazon and bet people would be willing to pay a bit more if they could expect higher quality and better features. We think Target delivered.

This 29-inch suitcase has a polycarbonate hard shell, a telescoping handle, YKK zippers, four so-called Silent Run spinner wheels, two zipper meshes with additional pockets in the main compartment and a little laundry bag too. It also has a couple of inches of expandability via the zippers. All that’s pretty much just advanced basics, but this back also looks good and comes in multiple colors.

And because this is a Target-owned brand, it’s backed up by a 365-day guarantee, which will be honored with an exchange or refund.

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Courtesy of Target


6. Béis Rolling Spinner Suitcase


The Béis 29-Inch Rolling Spinner Suitcase is proof that you start to get those diminishing returns once you start hitting a certain price point. This bag promises a ton of quality for under $300.

It’s got a modern, tough design meant to make traveling the breeze it should be. First, there are the upgraded essentials: double hard-side construction with a polycarbonate exterior, water-resistant zipper tape, four solid spinner wheels, a cushioned telescopic handle and horizontal grooves. But Béis goes above and beyond to include interior compression straps, TSA-approved locks and, incredibly, a weight indicator on the side handle, so you can always stay under the weight limit.

Back all this up with the Béis Limited Lifetime Luggage Warranty, and you can see why reviewers rave about this rolling suitcase.

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Courtesy of Nordstrom


7. CALPAK Astyll 3-Piece Marbled Luggage Set


The CALPAK Astyll 3-Piece Marbled Luggage Set promises a sleek, vintage-inspired design in three gorgeous pieces.

The suitcases don’t have bells and whistles, but instead, they marry the essentials together in a quality way. You can count on the polycarbonate hard shell to protect your things, four spinner wheels and a telescopic handle for easy rolling, TSA-approved locks and main compartments with pockets and straps to keep you organized.

Overall, the CALPAK Astyll Set doesn’t have much to dislike, and it’ll get the job done in style.

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Courtesy of Nordstrom


8. Arlo Skye The Frame Check-In Medium


If you’re looking for an ultra-secure piece of luggage, then the Arlo Skye The Frame Check-In Medium is the rolling suitcase for you.

First, the upgraded essentials: A polycarbonate hardshell, including zippers and a double clasp system, ultra-quiet (15% quieter than standard) spinner wheels and silver-enhanced antimicrobial interior lining.

There are also some real nonessential but still desirable qualities to this bag. It comes with a full-grain leather name tag, two shoe bags, a laundry bag and a cotton storage cover. All of these features combine to make a bag that’s worth its elevated price tag.

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Courtesy of Arlo Skye


9. Briggs & Riley ZDX-Expandable Luggage


Briggs & Riley is right in the running for the maker of the best, basic rolling suitcases, and the Briggs & Riley ZDX-Expandable Luggage delivers.

The soft exterior uses a strong nylon fabric to resist moisture and abrasions and also includes what B&R calls Permasquare fabric, an ultra-durable fabric, in areas prone to abrasion. A lightweight fiberglass frame ensures the bag feels sturdy without being heavy, and the wheels and handles are all strong enough to last.

But don’t take our word for it. Briggs & Riley backs this rolling suitcase up with a lifetime performance guarantee, which includes airline damage. If Briggs & Riley is offering that, you know the bag has got to be durable.

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Courtesy of Amazon


10. Thule Revolve Spinner Suitcase


Looking like it’s straight out of 2050, the Thule Revolve 30-Inch Spinner Suitcase is the rolling suitcase for those who want the sleekest, most modern design. Only the Swedes could make a suitcase that just looks this cool.

This compact polycarbonate hardshell suitcase comes in an eye-catching black colorway that definitely belongs on a plane (or in space). Add in nice little details like four spinner wheels, a TSA-approved lock, a telescopic handle, a puncture-resistant zipper and a rigid frame and interior compression system, and you’ve got a winning suitcase for short trips on your hands. Alternatively, pack this case for your upcoming trip to space.

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Courtesy of Nordstrom


11. Roam Marais


If you’re willing to spend your prettiest penny in the service of a truly unique rolling suitcase, there’s only The Roam Marais. It’s got all the essentials covered — polycarbonate shell, telescopic handle, water-resistant zipper, smooth-as-hell wheels, a spacious interior with a compression system — but it’s the customization Roam offers that makes this suitcase special.

When you buy from Roam’s website, you can customize the color for just about every detail on the suitcase, including the front shell color, the back shell color, the zipper color, the binding color, the wheels color, the carry handle color and the monogram patch color, which Roam will also monogram for you.

If you want a sturdy rolling suitcase that will last a lifetime and will only ever be yours, Roam is the place to go.

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Courtesy of ROAM Luggage


12. Away The Medium: Aluminum Edition


The modern traveler’s suitcase, the Away Medium: Aluminum Edition has an excellent handle on what the modern traveler will actually find useful. The best example of that is the front pocket with multiple compartments, a hidden laundry bag and an interior compression system.

On another note, Away manages to combine all the best elements of a hardshell case with its tough, water-resistant aluminum exterior. With this shell, you get the protection promised by a hard shell with the light weight of a softshell.

In short, all signs point to an unmatched thoughtfulness about what travelers need — like four spinner wheels, TSA-approved locks, leather details, etc. — and can afford.

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Courtesy of Away Travel


13. Delsey Chatelet Air 2.0 Spinner


Let’s face it. Most rolling luggage has a similar look these days, especially with the rise of hardshell cases. Sure, you might get a different color or two, but in general, black metallic or plastic cases are the standard at baggage claim. If you want to stand out from the crowd, consider the Delsey Chatelet Air 2.0 Spinner.

Not only does this case sport a unique exterior style, but it also has plenty of bells and whistles to justify its elevated price point. The double spinner wheels make getting from point A to point B a breeze, and your bag will stay extra secure thanks to the brand’s patented zip SECURITECH, which is three times more resistant than any standard zipper.

The leather detailing on both the exterior and interior of this bag means that everyone will be wondering where they can get such an attractive bag.

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Courtesy of Macy's


14. Rimowa Check-In M


If premium functionality is what you need, Rimowa has you covered with its Check-In M.

If we were to list the features, the rolling luggage would sound pretty typical; it’s the fact that Rimowa uses its best-in-class German design that really makes this suitcase worth it. Sure, you have the strong polycarbonate exterior, interior dividers and telescopic handle, but take something like the wheels. These wheels use cushioned axles and a ball-bearing mount, which means a lot less stress and friction on the wheels over time, ensuring they last a lifetime.

Alas, at nearly $900, we can’t promise you’ll get your money’s worth if you’re not a frequent traveler, so we’d only recommend spending this much if you travel very regularly or if you put a premium on long-lasting durable luggage.

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Courtesy of Rimowa


15. TUMI Merge St Spinner


If you’re into luxury branding, we think you should at least check out a brand that specializes in luggage, like TUMI. The TUMI Merge St 26” Spinner is an excellent, well-made rolling suitcase. Highly durable polyester-ballistic nylon fabric makes up the soft shell but bumper rails ensure the suitcase holds up against the bumps and bruises of frequent travel. The bag is plenty spacious, with multiple external and internal pockets as well as two ways to open the bag, one on the front for quick access and the traditional bookcase-style opening.

Interestingly, this bag is also one of the most eco-friendly choices on our list. It’s made from post-consumer recycled bottles and post-industrial recycled nylon. This forward-thinking is part of the TUMI ethos that we like so much.

Overall, this rolling luggage is great, but at this price point, you’ve officially hit the point of diminishing returns. Of course, the TUMI rolling suitcase is excellent, but you’re not just paying for luggage, you’re paying for brand-name TUMI luggage, which is something to keep in mind for all higher-end / higher-priced luggage.

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Courtesy of Macy's


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