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Keep Your Clothes Looking Great Even When You’re Jet Lagged With a Travel Iron

Even with the hundreds of YouTube folding tutorials, a wide range of packing cubes, and hours spent meticulously preparing items, many travelers still open their suitcase at the end of a long flight to find wrinkled clothes. Just because you have jet leg doesn’t mean your clothes should look like they do as well. With a travel iron, it’s easy to look your best even when you’re not sure what time zone you’re in.

Many hotels and vacation rentals come equipped with complimentary irons, but these can often house germs since they are not cleaned as frequently as other high-touch areas, like beddings, towels and sinks. If your trip includes staying with friends or family, they may not have an iron available for you to use.

Then there’s the argument for using travel irons without the ‘travel’ action. Many travel irons included on our list come with an impressive level of power and offer both ironing and steaming capabilities. For customers who are short on space in their home and for those who only require the use of an iron or steamer periodically, travel irons offer a more financially feasible option and one that won’t take up excess cupboard space.

Travel irons are also a great option for crafters as they can get into the corners of smaller pieces of fabric better than a full-size iron. They are often available at a lower price point as well, which is good news in the case of accidental glue or paint spillage.

Wrinkles aren’t a good look in any country. Keep your clothes looking their best even when you’re short on space with a powerful and useful travel iron.

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1. PurSteam Travel Steamer and Iron


Affordable, powerful, small. These are the three main criteria to look for when searching for a new travel iron and the steamer and iron combo from PurSteam has all these features and more. The compact travel iron has an impressive 800 watts of power behind it, producing up to 50% more steam than other industry favorites. We like that customers get an iron and a steamer in one without buying two gadgets. The dual voltage design of the PurSteam makes it appropriate for international travel and we like that the modern design of the iron also includes an anti-slip handle and nonstick soleplate.

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2. Rowenta Travel-Ready Compact Steam Iron


If you want the power of a full-sized travel iron without the bulk, we recommend the Rowenta Travel-Ready Compact Steam Iron. The Rowenta is an impressive 1000-watt travel iron that features a stainless-steel soleplate. Customers can easily adjust the settings to choose a vertical steam option or create bursts of steam while ironing. A two-ounce transparent water tank makes it easy for customers to see when they need to fill the iron. The ergonomically designed handle makes the Rowenta comfortable to use and folds flat for a more streamlined storage option.

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3. AEVO 2-in-1 Portable Steam Iron


You likely don’t want to travel with both an iron and a steamer, which is why we recommend the AEVO 2-in-1 Portable Steam Iron. With an impressively fast heat time of 40 seconds, the 1300-watt AEVO can produce a constant stream of steam for up to nine minutes thanks to its 105 mL detachable tank. Designed with a ceramic soleplate, the AEVO is suitable for a wide variety of fabrics, including linen, silk, cotton, wool and synthetic items. We also like that it comes with overheat protection for added safety and has a leakproof design that means no accidental water dripping on your clothing.

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4. HoMedics Perfect Steam Professional Mini Garment Steamer And Iron


The HoMedics is on the pricier end of travel irons, but for good reason. For a few extra dollars, customers get an iron that heats up in only 15 seconds and has an impressive 10-minute run time of continuous steam. Small enough to fit in a carry-on suitcase but powerful enough to replace an everyday iron, the HoMedics features four settings, including a setting for delicate items. The iron is designed with a high-pressurized power pump and nano-sized molecules that get out stubborn wrinkles and even steam away odors. Safe for both horizontal and vertical use, the HoMedics comes with a travel case, travel pouch and a water cup for added convenience.

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5. Steam Fast Travel Mini 400 Steam Iron


Bigger isn’t always better and that is definitely the case with travel irons. With the Steam Fast Travel Mini 400 Steam Iron, customers can easily navigate around pleats, pockets, collars and other spaces that full-sized irons struggle to reach. Made with a dual voltage option for overseas travel and featuring a stainless steel nonstick soleplate, the Steam Fast has an adjustable steam temperature gauge and comes with a travel bag for added convenience and safe storage.

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6. SMAGREHO Mini Travel Steam Iron


When it’s time to travel, you don’t want to spend all day in a hotel room getting ready. That’s why we like the SMAGREHO Mini Travel Steam Iron, which heats up in 15 seconds and quickly gets to work ironing and steaming clothes. Customers can choose from three heating options depending on their needs, with the SMAGREHO safe for cotton, linen, wool, synthetic, and silk fabric. The compact iron, which measures only 5.2 inches by 3 inches, has dual 100- and 240-volt options for international travel. Customers can get rid of lines and wrinkles with bursts of steam or by holding the iron horizontally to turn it into a portable steamer. The SMAGREHO includes a travel pouch, measuring cup and protective mesh.

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7. Sharper Image Mini Steam Iron


For times when you need a small iron for quick touch up jobs while traveling, we like the affordable Sharper Image Mini Steam Iron. The 350 W travel iron is convenient to use thanks to its eight-foot power cord. Designed with a nonstick soleplate that resists rust, the Sharper Image has a 1.1-ounce water tank and three heat settings that make it useful for most fabrics. The one-touch steam control provides an extra boost for stubborn wrinkles and the dual 120- and 220-volt options make it a great iron to use anywhere in the world.

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8. Dyno Merchandise Handy Press Mini Iron


Putting the ‘mini’ in mini irons is the Dyno Merchandise Handy Press. Measuring only 4.2 inches long and 4.8 inches wide, the Dyno is as close as you can get to a pocket-sized iron. When packing space is at a minimum, the Dyno is a great option. Although designed for crafting purposes, the Dyno makes a suitable travel iron for touching up collars, cuffs, and other small ironing jobs.

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