Save Space and Stay Hydrated With One of These 3 Travel Bottles

Collapsible Water Bottle Backpack

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You’ve probably heard a variety of statistics regarding how much water you should be consuming on a daily basis. The most common amount given is two liters, or eight, 8 oz. glasses. You may have suffered from dehydration headaches before – this is actually your brain temporarily shrinking slightly and pulling away from the skull.

There are many benefits to drinking water of course, other than simply avoiding headaches. For example, drinking just 17 oz. of water can temporarily increase your metabolism by 24-30%, promoting weight loss. Drinking more water also keeps your skin hydrated (read: more supple and healthy-looking).

It may seem harder to stay hydrated while on the go, as water bottles take up room and weight in your bag, but these travel bottles are designed to take up minimal space, particularly when not in use. They’ll collapse into a palm-sized package, making it not only easy to store away, but easy to pop up and fill with water when you need to re-hydrate.

1. Anntrue Collapsible Water Bottle

Practicality doesn’t have to be boring, as proven by the wide variety of colors available for this collapsible bottle by Anntrue. Able to contain up to 18 oz. of water when expanded, this bottle can also fold down to just over 5″ tall. Aside from being the flexible, the silicone body is also shatter-proof, so it can endure rough-and-ready hiking and camping trips.

Anntrue Collapsible Water Bottle Amazon


2. Valourgo Collapsible Sports Water Bottle

Fill up this bottle to enjoy 21 oz. of water, or roll up the body and secure it with the attached band for easy, efficient storage. The silicone body is completely BPA-free, and can be re-used for years with proper maintenance and cleaning. The compact, space-saving nature of this bottle also makes it a great purchase if you need to carry not only your water, but the water of your partner or children.

Collapsible Water Bottle Amazon


3. Swiggies

If you’re looking for a water bottle that won’t require any storage space, then look no further than these cute, creative flask-style water bottles. Designed to fit securely and unobtrusively on your wrist, each Swiggie can hold 5.5 oz. of water, so wearing both is enough to keep you hydrated on the go. They’re also freezer-safe, allowing you to regulate your body temperature while you’re on the go, and enjoy the liquid contained once it melts.

Swiggies Water Bottles Amazon

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