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Daily Brief: What to Do If You Were Stranded by British Airways

* British Airways technical failure stranded 75,000 passengers
* Airline says most flights back to normal
* British Airways to compensate all affected passengers

British Airways says flights are slowly returning to normal after a major technical failure over the weekend, which led to hundreds of flights being canceled and more than 75,000 passengers stranded.

The airline said on Monday that it was running most flights as normal, and they’ve promised to compensate all affected passengers.

Alex Cruz, the chief executive of British Airways, apologized to customers, saying, “We absolutely profusely apologize for that and we are absolutely committed to provide and abide by the compensation rules that are currently in place.”

According to Cruz, the system failure was caused by a “power surge” at a data center. The surge affected all of British Airways’ computers, meaning both ticketing and terminal operations were affected. Compounding the troubles was the fact that it was a holiday weekend in the UK, meaning there was an increased number of travelers. The system glitch led to the canceling of all British Airways flights from its hubs at Heathrow and Gatwick airports in London.

If you were affected by the weekend’s disruptions, the airline has pledged to provide prompt assistance to its customers, responding to queries on Twitter, as well as over the phone and via its website.

Other passengers whose flights were disrupted will have the option to re-book for any time over the next six months.

The airline says it was also working on delivering missing baggage to passengers who arrived in London over the weekend. You can reach their customer service team at 1-877-428-2228.

As for what caused the technical disruption, Cruz has shot down claims of a cyber attack or outsourced interference. The company has promised an exhaustive investigation into what happened.