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Review: Cathay Pacific Business Class Post COVID-19

When mentions of the ultimate luxury airlines get tossed around, you’ll hear mention of Etihad Virgin Atlantic or Emirates. It’s time for the new Business Class offerings from Cathay Pacific to find their way into that conversation.

During a journey from Chicago O’Hare to Bangkok, this traveler indulged in the service over a long flight through Hong Kong. Cathay Pacific not only provides all of the luxuries necessary to elevate the long, overseas flight experience, but the airline’s staff provides warm and attentive service that makes returning to domestic carriers difficult. Below, I’ll offer my full review of the Business Class service from Cathay Pacific. Plus, we’ll look at the new safety precautions the airline has in place to deal with the realities of COVID-19.


In-Flight Features

Every Business Class Passenger enjoys a private, partitioned seat that reclines into a full bed. The swiveling touch screen provides first-run entertainment, while excellent hot food choices are always available on demand. There’s something charming about any airline that offers a freshly made cheeseburger on demand. No, that may not seem like a natural fit for an Asian-based airline, but it pleases the palate well enough.

When the time comes to kick back, the passenger enjoys upgraded bedding developed by Bamford. The traveler rests his or her head on 400-thread-count pillowcases and a two-piece duvet, both made using 100 percent sustainably sourced cotton.

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Courtesy of Cathay Pacific

Pre-Flight Hospitality

To add a bonus once the around-the-world traveler arrives in Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific refined its Pier Business Class Lounge by introducing a dedicated yoga and meditation space. Designed in partnership with The Pure Group, the space is a 700-square-foot oasis divided into two zones – The Body Sanctuary for yoga and The Mind Sanctuary for meditations.

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The Body Sanctuary provides Cathay Pacific business travelers looking to do their yoga with guided videos led by Pure Yoga teachers. In The Mind Sanctuary, the airline provides audio meditation with cushioned pods equipped with noise-cancelling headphones and iPads. Travelers can listen to guided meditation sessions narrated by Pure Yoga’s expert teachers.

This scribbler didn’t take part in the meditation, but I probably wouldn’t just think about that burger. There’s not much to contemplate when you travel with the sort of luxury Cathay Pacific serves.

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Courtesy of Cathay Pacific

Coronavirus Precautions

Of course, all of this airborne luxury doesn’t come cheap. While all airfares are fluctuating in the age of virus slowdowns — recently ticket prices have been rising as more travelers return to the air — international business class on Cathay Pacific can still cost the traveler more than 100% more than a standard coach ticket. Such is life in the world of the business class jet setter.

Now, in the post-Coronavirus pandemic era, airlines must take extra precautions to maintain the most sanitary environment possible. For Cathay Pacific, that means continuing the protocols of Cathay Care, the airline’s commitment to the wellbeing of travelers with enhanced safety. You can read the airline’s COVID policy at their website.

The new steps include mandatory face coverings and HEPA filtered cabin air that removes 99.999% of airborne contaminants.


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