Read My Lips: You Can Now Smile at Others While Protecting Them With Clear Face Masks

Man with clear face mask
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As COVID-19 continues to spread, wearing face masks has become one of the most effective prevention strategies each one of us has towards protecting others and ourselves from the virus. While cloth face masks and athletic face masks won’t keep you from contracting the virus, wearing one of them could keep you from spreading it to someone else.

You’re now required to wear them in many places of business including grocery stores and restaurants. Plus, let’s be honest, it’s become to practical and logical thing to do to help curb the spread and fast track all of us getting back to some semblance of normalcy.

The problem with face masks is that you can’t see the majority of someone’s face, which, to many of us, is simply a deterrence from normal human interaction. However, the ability to read someone’s facial expressions and emotions is incredibly important to some caretakers and those who are deaf as the ability to read lips is crucial for accurate communication.

Thankfully, they’ve created clear face masks, face shields and cloth face masks with clear sections around the lips to solve this problem. With all of these cloth face mask alternatives, you still get all of the protective benefits but you can read someone’s face a little more accurately and not solely rely on whether they’re “smizing” or not.

We’ve rounded up our favorite clear face mask options available online right now for purchase, in case you’re looking for a mask that’s just as safe to use but makes communication a little easier.


1. ANTI-FOG Adults Clear Face Mask

This clear face mask comes in adult and kids sizes and is specially designed to not fog up when you speak. It has a multi-layered cotton frame with adjustable straps that can fit a wide variety of face sizes and shapes. This mask comes in six different colors and features a clear plastic middle so you can easily read lips and overall facial expression. You can also choose between anti-fog and no anti-fog designs depending on your preference and budget.

ANTI-FOG Adults Clear Face Mask - best clear face mask overall Courtesy of Etsy


2. UTSDesignStore Clear Face Mask

This transparent face mask has a wider clear shield patched into the front for a clearer view of your and others’ faces. The shield is also an extra layer of protection from airborne particles and can potentially protect you and others from transmitting the COVID-19 virus. the mask is patched to cover the nose and the entire chin for optimal protection and has elastic ear loops that keep the whole mask snug and in place. It comes in a variety of colors and patterns and ships within a few days of purchase.

UTSDesignStore Clear Face Mask Courtesy of Etsy


3. QualityHomemade Clear Face Mask

This is another, less expensive, clear face mask option. These clear face masks are a great option for those who work with deaf or older individuals for whom lip-reading makes it easier to communicate. This mask includes a clear plastic sewn-in component that keeps the mouth visible while the fabric and mask, in general, protects against transmission of COVID-19. Each mask comes with elastic earloops for a comfortable and secure fit. These work best when hand washed and air dried, and the fabric choice for each purchase is random so you’ll always be surprised by what you get!

QualityHomemade Clear Face Masks, clear face mask Courtesy of Etsy


4. The Clear Mask

As the world’s first fully transparent, FDA-cleared surgical mask, The Clear Mask is taking on the mask game in a whole new light. The mask is available in two options — non-medical and FDA-cleared, so whichever makes more sense for your lifestyle you should deem appropriate when buying. These masks are excellent for stocking up hospitals and schools as they open back up because of their bulk options. So, if you’re a teacher worried about beginning the school year, consider snagging a bunch of these for your classroom.

Woman wearing clear face mask Courtesy of The Clear Mask


5. VictoriaAnnStudio Face Mask with Clear Window

Washing your typical clear face mask can be, well, a challenge, but this one from VictoriaAnnStudio is easy as one, two, three. Simply clean it in the sink with a little bit of soap and warm water and let it hang dry for use after use after use. The non-window area is made from handmade organic cotton which is quite the unusually nice touch in a face mask and each mask fits pretty comfortably across your face. Similar to a few of our other picks, this mask isn’t completely fog-proof, so we recommend buying an anti-fog solution or rubbing a little oil or soap on the window to prevent any fog from building up.

VictoriaAnnStudio Face Mask with Clear Window Courtesy of Etsy


6. GETEIN 8PCS Face Covering

Breathability and comfort are two madly important qualities when choosing a facial covering, and lucky for you, GETEIN prides itself on both. Easily communicate with others with this clear mask that fits comfortably on most faces. The pattern is very summer-esque which were loving right now and might inspire you to have a socially-distanced park picnic with your pals. Lip-reading isn’t a challenge at all with these, so if you’re hard at hearing and hanging with your friends who are not, offer them a mask so you can communicate more effectively. There are eight of these in total, so giving them out to your closest buddies won’t be a nuisance.

GETEIN 8PCS Face Covering Courtesy of Amazon


7. Sinerixc Reusable Clear Face Mask

This clear face mask from Sinerixc is specially designed for those who are deaf and hard of hearing with a clear plastic window for facial expressions and lip-reading. This mask is made of soft, environmentally-friendly material that’s breathable, soft and protective. It has elastic ear loops that hook around your ears for a snug fit and is made with a comforting purple flower print. Plus, each pack comes with six masks you can use interchangeably and switch off with between cleanings.

Sinerixc Reusable Clear Face Mask Courtesy of Amazon


8. FatCat 5Pcs Reusable Face Bandanas

Add a pop of color to your clear face mask with this five-piece set that’s ready to make a statement. These masks come in an array of designs with the majority being quite floral and some with an almost psychedelic twist. Each mask has the ability to stretch over your ears to provide maximum comfort when wearing. The only downside: these masks are not fog-resistant. FatCat suggests you snag some anti-fog for the plastic area to prevent any clarity issues that might occur.

FatCat 5Pcs Reusable Face Bandanas Courtesy of Amazon


9. Ruziyoog Reusable Clear Face Masks for Adults

These reusable clear face masks come in four different colors including black, purple, bright red and pink. They take face masks to the next level by adding a clear plastic window where your lips and facial expressions can be read by others. Don’t sacrifice great communication for safety with these protective and convenient clear face masks. They combine the comfort of cloth face masks with the communicative clarity of face shields for an ideal hybrid of the two.

Ruziyoog clear face masks Courtesy of Amazon


10. Mototeks Clear Face Mask 10-Pack

These mouth shields are made for restaurant and hospital workers looking to shield their mouths and faces and prevent spreading anything to others. They’re ergonomically designed to fit around the curvature of faces and can be worn for a long time without fatigue. They’re reusable and only require a wipe down between uses. Also, at a pack of 10 for only $7.99, you’re looking at one of the more economical options out there as well.

Mototeks clear face mask Courtesy of Amazon


11. UNKN Protective Clear Face Mask 10-Pack

This face shield/mask hybrid looks very comfortable to wear as it protects others from potential viral transmission without constricting breathing or movement too much. It has a fabric strap over the nose and face that connects to ear loops, with a plastic shield descending down that serves as a barrier between you and others without restricting communication. This transparent mask can create faster and easier communication, without sacrificing safety and abiding by health guidelines.

pretty girl wearing a clear face mask shield Courtesy of Amazon


12. Sinerixc Solid Color Reusable Clear Face Masks

These Sinerixc masks also come in solid colors in addition to the floral print above. They’re available in grey, teal, red and black — all of which come in this four-pack available on Amazon. It’s the same comfortable, breathable fabric and plastic window as the other variety. This mask protects against dust, pollen and car exhaust as well as may protect against transmission of the COVID-19 virus between those with or without symptoms. They’re reusable, environmentally-friendly and designed to fit seamlessly over the nose, mouth and ears.

Sinerixc clear face mask Courtesy of Amazon