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Get Crockpot’s Electric Lunch Box (That We Didn’t Know Existed) for Just $30 Right Now

As e-commerce editors, the SPY team spends our waking work hours searching all nooks and crannies of the internet for the best Amazon deals and new product launches. While this might typically lead to consistently updated stories such as ongoing Apple deals, it might also lead us to cover unique products we haven’t quite heard of from brands new to our team.

But, it’s unusual to us when a brand we’ve known and loved for years has a product on sale that’s been completely not on our radar for as long as it has existed. But, today, that happened.

Did you know that Crockpot has a lunch box? Because we didn’t. And, it’s not just any lunch box. It’s an electric lunch box. If that wasn’t enough, this brand-new-to-us essential is also 33% off on Amazon right now.

Yeah, this is a lot to take in.

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Courtesy of Amazon

The Crockpot Electric Lunch Box is the perfect 20-ounce container to carry any leftover soup, chili or pasta dish to the office. It’s small in size so it’s easy to bring on your morning commute no matter your method of transportation. The lid sits extremely tight to nip spills in the bud before they even occur.

We said “electric” though, so how exactly does that part work?

This lunch box comes with a detachable cord you can simply plug into the wall a few minutes before you chow down for a quick reheat. This makes reheating and eating easier than ever, especially if your office doesn’t have a microwave or if you’re on a road trip.

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Courtesy of Amazon

To make cleaning efforts as easy as cake, both the food storage container and the inner lid are totally dishwasher safe.

Ultimately, the Crockpot Electric Lunch Box is seemingly the lunch box of all lunch boxes and we had no idea it even existed. Diminish the need to ever use a microwave again and heat up your lunch in the most effortless way you can imagine. Oh, and be sure to buy it today while it’s still on sale for $15 off. This is surely one of the best gifts for foodies you can buy this year.