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Get Ready for Adventure With This Lightweight Down Sleeping Bag

* Superior sleeping bag for three-season outings (30-55 degrees)
* Lightweight and easy to pack – perfect for backpackers
* DriDown insulation repels moisture, ensures warmth and comfort

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast chomping at the bit to get ready for late-winter/early spring camping, now’s the time to get yourself a Kelty Sine 35-Degree Down Sleeping Bag. Featuring a lightweight, ergonomic design that easily folds down to save major space in your backpack, you’ll still enjoy plenty of interior room in the mummy-style bag when you settle in for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Carefully constructed from nylon and 800-fill DriDown insulation, the sleeping bag provides water resistance without compromising its lofting ability. It also boasts a cozy draft tube and insulated hood that can be locked into place with a drawstring closure. This combination makes it the perfect option for sleeping outdoors in wet climates, keeping you warm, snug and dry regardless of the weather conditions.

What makes this sleeping bag especially versatile is the strategic use of zippers. The outer arc zipper, which runs along the side of the draft tube, is specially designed to avoid the bane of every camper’s existence – unwanted snags. And when you get too warm, there is a second zipper that runs along the bottom third of the bag that you can unzip for cooling, dual-zone ventilation by your feet.

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A pocket near the top allows you to create a makeshift pillow (our suggestion: stuff it with a T-shirt or scarf). The sleeping bag also comes with a mesh storage bag and carrying sack for portability.

Just because you love sleeping outdoors doesn’t mean you have to rough it. We’re totally down with Kelty’s Sine Sleeping bag when it comes to comfort and versatility for chilly nights at the campsite.

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