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Hide Your Liquor With These Flask Pouches for Concerts, Sport Events & More

Now that the world is finally opening back up, we’re getting ready to take on the world again. Next time our teams playing? Catch us in the bleachers. Our top-played artist on Spotify’s having a concert at a local venue? We already purchased our tickets. New movie that looks “eh”? Save us a seat. We’re doing it all, baby.

Though, one thing we’re not looking forward to as the world reopens is, you guessed it, overpriced drinks.

Why is it that whenever you go to a baseball game it feels like an investment to purchase a pint of the best beer? Like, we aren’t purchasing a house. We just want to get a little drunk in the third inning. A Bud Light shouldn’t cost you $20.

But, sadly, it does. Luckily, we’re finding a way around it. Illegally, yes, but we’re finding a way around it. Before taking out a loan on a PBR at the Springsteen concert, consider sneaking in some booze with a flask pouch.

What is a Flask Pouch?

Baby, we’ve been waiting to tell you. A flask pouch is essentially a plastic bag you fill up with any liquor of your choice to sneak inside of a venue. They’re really easy to fill up with the help of a funnel and thankfully, most sets come with one. Bags are typically clear so you can see the contents from the outside as well.

How do You Use a Flask Pouch?

There are a number of ways you can store a flask pouch for an event.

I consider myself a flask pouch professional. A flask pouch connoisseur, if you will. I have snuck liquor into just about every music event I have been to since I wasn’t even legally allowed to drink. Why? Because I like to have fun.

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Anywho, to be as straightforward as possible, here’s what I do: I shove it in my crotch.

Yeah, you read that correctly. Right in the jimmies. I find this to be the most effective way to sneak liquor inside of an event because if you’re ever getting patted down, no one’s going near your no-go zone. They’ll just stick to your sides. Some of my friends might think it’s gross and refuse to sip from the nozzle, but that just means more fun for me. You can also throw the bag inside of a bag if there’s less security at the event you’re headed to. Just note: if they’re selling alcohol at the event, this totally isn’t allowed so you’ve gotta be sneaky.

If you’re ready to save some coin and still get slizzered, check out these flask pouches below. All you have to figure out next is what you’re bringing — the best vodka? Whiskey? Tequila? The world is your oyster. Cheers!

1. Concealable And Reusable Pouches

These bags are as straightforward and easy as it gets. With this pack of reusable pouches, you’ll receive six 8 oz bags you can put whatever you’d like in. Whiskey, tequila, vodka, hell — a Four Loko. It’s up to you.

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2. 20 Pcs Flasks Liquor Cruise Pouch

Twenty flask pouches? Count us in. You can bring your entire liquor cabinet (and then some) with these pouches.

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3. Alcoon 11 Pieces Plastic Liquor Flask

Looking for different sizes? Then here’s your match.

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4. 20pcs 16oz Plastic Flask for Liquor

Another twenty-piecer complete with two easy green funnels to help you pour.

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5. BellFlask Reusable & Concealable 12 oz Flask

Cover the majority of what you’re drinking if you want with these ones.

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